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When My Dream's Too High Im Not Ready To Fall Yet

    I ever dreamed if someday he takes me to his house to meet his parents, but i know it's kind of impossible because they live in different city, even different island. Im super curious about something, his parents know about me or not? You know normally a guy will telling entire his family if he date a girl. But in my case im afraid he didn't.

    When my mom come to visited me, i also confuse about this. Should i bring him to my mom or not. My mom also curious what kind of man who stole her daughter heart, and how her future son in law looks. I know she waits till i say something, but... he never talk to me about how his mom wants to see me so i decide to not tell my mom. Even i bet my mom know about him, but they never officially meet.
When a guy wants you to meet his parents, you're into a lifetime relationship.

    I know lah, i overreact, i underestimate, i overestimate, i over think everything, i dream big. But officially meet his parents for me it's the important thing.

    In a few days his parents will come for his brother graduation day, i just think if it's the right time for him officially introduce me to his mom. Have officially diner and such. I don't wanna expect too much like he will say im his girl, maybe he will say im his close friend. But every parents must be know la what "close friend" mean. Oh wait, maybe i shouldn't expect he will bring me to his parents. Oh ya, right he will never do it ◔̯◔. I just know la, he ever told me it's all because my "clothes". Duuuh, im so flexible la, i always know what and how to wear my clothes. Uh, just write it make my breath so heavy.

    I don't know i should publish this or not, i don't know what his react when read it, i just... i just feel sad rite now because i can't expect too much, please just don't say anything to me rite now. Oh god, i can't hold it anymore... tissue paper please.

4 Love Letters:

  1. Be careful...The higher the more pain when falling

  2. those stilettos are cute^_^

  3. He might surprise you one day and bring you to his parents. You never know right? :)

  4. Hi, Thanks for supporting me..i also supporting great blog


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