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Tuesday Story with Imaginary Twins

     Koko deep fantasy is dating with a cute and sexy look twins just like his fav anime "kissxsis" lol, i think as a man it's okay lah have that imagination. So, turn it up! you tell me your wish, you tell me what is on your mind, cos im gonna be your gennie for a day.

     Triiing *magically sound* this the girls of the day. Let's say both of them have different characters, a girl with a jeans jacket is cute, kind of good girl, and has lil bit extra fat (question:little bit or extra?). And the other girl is sexy, little bit naughty, bad temper. So which one you chose ko? (●*∩_∩*●)

Fashion tips #1 : same make up, same hair style, 
but when you wearing a jacket you can have different look!

     Lunch time!! since i want ramen so badly, we went to shin men japanese resto. We have shin men ramen special, miso special and strawberry float, aaah just think about it make my tummy growling again.
oh my gosh, look that foods, the melting ice and wait are you drooling rite now? ◐.̃◐

     While koko eat his ramen, the imaginary chat with the girls were happened.
koko : "eh you know, im the type who is careful and guarded,
but now with just one misstep and i fell in love, and it is worth it"
The girls suddenly smile.
After long wishy washy chit chat, the other girl feel bored, she was try to find something intersting. Koko noticed and he decided to comfort her .
koko : "uhm, if i can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue,
can i take a pic wit you?"
girl : "haha, i think you never make it"
koko : "hey, let we see!"
after a while....
wah, he really did it!
koko : "see, so where's my prize?"
the girl raise her eyebrow and smile "okay..."

After they had lunch and shopping, they decided to watch "source code". They still had 40 minutes free before the movie playing. The white shirt girl says "let's take a pic again, this place so perfect." Koko nod.
Her twin sister feel so jealousy, 
"why she always take a pic with my koko, he also my date?! uuh!"
Koko : "uuuuh, baby come...come..." 
White shirt twin says, "no lah, from the first he only choose me! rite koko?"
Her twin so pissed off!

Fiuwh, finally it's movie time! the sexy sister still bitching around but the we both know if the cute one will take a revenge!
cute : "hey, wait there!"
sexy : "what?"
cute : "stop make me pissed of, because it's my turn"
"follow me ko (◡‿◡✿)"
haha, the cute sister finally beat her sister.

     But koko was feel so bad, he makes both girls in catfight. And aha! he got idea. He played ufo catcher, try to win the prize so both his imaginary girls wont fight anymore. Gladly he won the prize, both of them was happy because he gave them a doll (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

     Aaaah, i think im suck write a story! in the end i make koko like a playboy in this story, lol. I think he will say like this after he reads it "so do you think im like that?" huff... slow ko, i don't know this story comes out from you or my imaginary, lol.

9 Love Letters:

  1. Kak nin, request foto-fotonya kak koko lagi ya.

  2. eh.... koko jadi banyak fansnya ya skarang? ಠ益ಠ

  3. Ayolah kak, boleh ya. Soalnya muka dia cute banget kaya mantan aku dulu, hehe.. ayolah kak, please

  4. loh... kamu lagi online toh. kenapa namanya di "anonymous"? kan biar koko tau yang ngefans sama dia siapa....

  5. Gak ah kak, aku mayuuu.

  6. yaudah, tapi awas lo kalo fotonya dipake buat macem-macem

  7. Iya kak, aku janji. Suer, demi dewa langit, dewa bumi.


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