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Someone You'd Like To Meet

   When i met his parents i want to have a great first impression. In my head, meeting his parents is viewed as the typical “meeting his parents” scenario similar to the ones in television shows and movies. If we go for dinner, i would probably show up dressed in formal attire, properly groomed, and with some cologne on.  I want his parents to know that i am a respectable, young woman. When starting a conversation with his parents, i want to mention how great of a person their son is. I would make note of how he treats me very well, where he gets his good looks from, etc. I don’t want to do something embarrassing like spill food/a drink on myself or say something stupid. And throughout the night, i hope his parents will tell me stories of my boyfriend when he was little and bring out the childhood albums. When leaving, i’ll hug his mom and shake his father’s hand. When this happens, i would have gotten through one of the scariest moments of my life.

   And this time, sure i met them and this is the best scariest moment in my life. I was so shaking, nervous, and clumsy. Of course i should be nervous because it's a good sign that i love their son and care for approval. All i did was smile as well and made some small conversations. I so had a blank mind. But this the real one, not just in my head. So i think even it was really awkward in first time, it's still nice. Koko really had tried his best to break the ice, i know he did. So don't make gloomy face ko, im still happy (✿◠‿◠) see im smiling.
   They were so nice, especially his dad. Lol, i think i like him much than his cutest son ᵔᴥᵔ. He's so full with cheerful aura, made me feel welcome with his smiling faces. And his mom also nice, i know. It's okay when she talk less with me, she didn't fully ignore me, she just busy. I still can see the good things. She remember my name and call me with sweetest smile in her face. I only hope that they like me too. 

   I remembered some basic questions that he asked me. Like, am i koko's girlfriend?, am i really serious in relationship with his son?, why am i choose his son instead when there's so many hot guys out there?. I don't know he satisfied with my answers or not, he just smile and give me a lot of advice, he wants me graduate soon and talk about this again deeply.   

   In some moment, he keep asked me why im not shown up yesterday. I prefer not telling him what the reason because just think about it make me really hurt. Whatever the reason we can say in the end i didn't shown up, right?. Ah, and about talked "the comparing" stuff, i really prefer to skip it. I feel bad i can't behave well, but i really need some times to stay away from this comparing. 


   So today, i went to BEC with koko and his dad. Koko said his dad is scariest person, not friendly, and many more, but i think you was wrong ko. Because he really nice and friendly, funny also. Now i know why koko so funny. He keeps telling koko to hold my hand but no la, im too shy. I loved the way he teased me, really make me comfort. So easy going.

   He said he wants to see me again, me too. I hope next meet i can close with his mom like i close with his dad. But no comparing stuff, please. Overall, today was fun! let's go again, someday .

Never compare your love story with those in the movies
because they are written by scripters. Yours is written by God. 

5 Love Letters:

  1. aww sweet... I wish I have a boyfriend. :|

  2. LOL. I remember how I felt that they when I met my boyfriend's parents. Same here. I felt so shy and I'm afraid that I might do something wrong. :D

  3. I'm glad it all turned okay. When I met my fiance's parents, it was after we ran away for a week. They we're pretty nice about it and all. :)

  4. thank you @Jennifer, and sure you will have a bf soon. you're nice girl so you deserve it :)

    @Luanne that's butterflies in my tummy really make me uneasy. im afraid they not like me :(

    @Patrish, howaaa you're engaged already, that's awesome. congratz dear :)


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