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Indonesian Education Day

   I strongly disagree if the national education day started with a flag ceremony. Why should the ceremony? Gathering all students from kindergarten through high school in the very blazing morning, waiting for someone "important" who coming so late, listening the same speech, many students are tired and passed out, after that they forced the students back to school. Huh, really stupid!

   I recommend to the government to replace the flag ceremony into something more meaningful. They should review again about the quality of education in Indonesia, how teacher's welfare, and will be even better if they have the same standard. Then we would be proud if you have a teacher like this :
   Teacher is primarily responsible for the future
I remember how my elementary school teacher are someone who was very patient. They teach us from nothing to be something. Even i could read and wrote since i was 3, but many people couldn't.

   Teacher is the rescuer of human creativity and helping the students mine the gold mind
I talk to my self, "viewed in any side, Indonesia has a lowest quality compared to other countries in southeast asia." poor Indonesia, ckckck. Look, our country is so big, has a large population, and the opportunity to obtain an intelligent and creative people must be very big. But the reality is not. Very rare.

   Teacher is the person who helps the students nurtures the gardens of multiple intelligences
Multiple intelligence they are verbal linguistic, visual spatial, logical mathmatic, bodily kinesthetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, musical, and naturalist intelligence. Believe or not, in my times when i was elementry student i learn english when i was 4th grade. Correction, not me but all my class mate or you can say people in my ages that's time. I learn english for the first time when i was 3 years. My daddy help me to pass my gold period :). I really interested with lingustic things, i want learn many languages. 

When i was a kid, my daddy help me to love math, it's work actually. I really love math and i think im so smart that time. But than when i was junior high, i have very annoying and super killer math teacher. Because of her i lose my intersted with math. I start to face math is my enemy. I hate math. But once again my dad told me if try to love the math, not the teacher. Daddy always teach me math and help me to do my homework, he is the best teacher i ever had, but im so sorry dad, it was too late. 

See who's to blame if i hate math? teacher! i so fuckin disappointed with some of my math teacher. They to arrogant to accept my answer, i mean i can answer it correctly in different way but they said my answer was wrong. But now  i found out if my college teacher and daddy said if it's right whatever the ways. shit! what happened with my school teacher?!

I have a lot to say, but you already know my point rite? teacher who teach me that's time so sucks!!! and ofcourse it's different with nowadays teacher. So fuckin jealous with you guys...

If i see the bright side, it's okay if i sucks at math, i can not count fast, but i glad i have daddy, mommy, 2 sisters, and lovely boy friend who really good at math. They are genius. Maybe it's okay my math is bad, at least my linguistic is fantastic and i can analysis fast! :D

   Teacher is shepherd of daydreams who works with students to help make it come true
Recently i watch a movie, it's telling about a poor boy who really want to school that much. And one rainy day, he came ith his shoes full of mud. What teacher's do? she said "if tomorrow you come to littering class, just don't dare to come my class." And too bad, again the next day is rainy and the boy remember about his bitch teacher who wont allow him to attend the class. Can you imagine, how could a teacher kill her student's dream? how could she ban her student from learning something? stupid!

   Teacher is the person who launches the child on the exploration of its own infinite universe  
 I also remember my teacher who teach me anything, i love many things that tickles my brain. So one day i start to bombed him with many questions but he scold me because i talk too much. Sigh. So different with my daddy who always answer all my questions, he never tired to explain it to me. And one day mom bought me an encyclopedia, i was so happy because i can found many things. Now life more easier because i met google and Koko who always ready to my bombed questions.

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  1. i like the illustration about teacher..alot...bikin sendiri chan?? keren euy...

  2. education is the best thing that we can achieve..i love the picture thinking inside the box :D

  3. heheh I actually chuckled the first time I saw the pic^^, so funny how I just remembered the pic I edited saying "think outside the box" while this is literally doing the complete opposite^^p


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