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Dear Galileo and My Travelling Plan

 Rules are meant to be broken and theories are meant to be proven

   Another must-see Thailand movie!
  Dear Galileo, a story about two bestfriend who planning on going backpack to London, Paris and Venice and Pisa. This movie prove if a good movie doesn’t need 70% romance or kissing scene on it to be good or sweet or nice.
   After watch this movie, my friend (Arin) and i decide to do the same thing. No, we don't need go to europe, let's go to nearest country in asia pacific first. Hoaaa, just think about it make me can not sleep. So excited. All we have to do is go to country where we can speak english and have cheapest foods and clothes price.

   Nah, where is this place can be? We think about singapore, thailand, philippines, or myanmar. We want go to singapore actually because there's so many awesome places and since i love watch clicknetwork.tv i think im familiar with this country. But i don't know la i think i can find cheapest clothes but not with the foods or home stay. So maybe thailand :)

4 Love Letters:

  1. No and yes, because in Thailand this movie was release at 23 July 2009 and in my country it's just release.

  2. Menarik tuh travelling kayak gitu, hehehe. Gua sekarang juga di tengah perjalanan travelling di Cina nih...

  3. asik banget sih, pengen juga deh travelling lagi


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