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Disturbing Black Fairy Tales

    Fairy tales of the past were often full of macabre and gruesome twists endings, i mean the real story not disney version. Miwa Yanagi is a Japanese photographic artist creates an elaborate, thoroughly thought out, and often costly staged event using female models ranging in different ages. These female models may display ages quite different from their own in the photos. The end result is a surrealistic image of everyday life.

   These pictures and ideas are not for everyone. There are disturbing images and suggestions of the ‘gruesome nature behind fairy tales’ in this artist's work. I am posting what i consider to be the least disturbing of her photographs from the exhibit titled “Fairy Tale”.

   You can close this page if you can't hold these disturbing dark fairy tales photographs anymore. Really they are creappy and disturbing, i don't know maybe it was like japanese horror or something. So can you guess what fairy tales story in these photos?


5 Love Letters:

  1. hhmm.. horor banget ya picture nya?

  2. iya, horror banget apalagi yang tentang rapunzel. rambutnya itu lo....

  3. That is so creepy. It made the hair at the back of my neck stood up. lol. Yeah, The real fairy tales. I've heard the real version of Sleeping Beauty.

  4. @Luanne yes, sleeping beauty real version is so sad, someone raped her while she sleeping. and when she woke up she's found out if she already has 2 kids. it's just... i can't say it's happy ending like disney's story.

  5. I love these photos! Although I didn't find them creepy, they are fascinating.


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