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4 scenes that must exist in taiwan drama

   Yey, i just finished watch Taiwan drama "Wish To See You Again". Well what i really like about drama is the way they make it beautiful. Seriously i've been thinking back then i haven't seen anything like this before. After watching this drama i just realize if Taiwan really have many beautiful place to go. And oh, i learn many new mandarin words :) This drama is great and satisfied me! i highly recommend you see it if you haven't already.

   Guess what make you wanna watch it? all the cute guys are here, especially Vic Zhou. And yeah the female lead is cute too, i should say perfect match... Vic and Chen Yan Xi really look cute together, glad he broke up already with Barbie Hsu, because this girl just too old for him, she only make cute Zai Zain in deep depression. And when i know her husband slapped her face, i think im happy because she deserve it!

   This story tell about Xu Le (please don't read it "SULE") is a bestselling author who never left home. He was recently struck with a case of writer's block and is in search of an inspiration so he decides to work as a taxi driver hoping that by listening to his passengers that he'll be struck with some inspiration. Coincidentally he meets his high school classmate and all the story begin.
only at Taiwan you can find cute taxi driver like him

   Both qualities of the characters and the plot are realistic and relatable. Nothing absurdly crazy happens. Everything that happens could really happen in real life, which in my opinion strengthens the dramatic impact. I personally thought that they did an excellent job to resolving every problem with adult manner, without ultra weepy scene with cringe dialogue, its rare in Taiwan drama.

And 4 scenes that i talk about is :
1. Standing in the rain
2. Try harder for searching someone you love before he go forever, 
he near you but you so stupid and can not see where he is 
and suddenly you meet him dramatically.
3. Someone you love or care about is in hospital
4. Car accident!

Proof if  Zai Zai and Yan Xi look cute together

5 Love Letters:

  1. Wiiihhhh...dari screenshot2nya keliatannya ni drama romantis banget yaaa...kapan Indo bisa bikin film kayak gini coba...ckckck

  2. selama masih banyak yang minat sama drama tragis berkepanjangan mah drama romantis yang mutu kaya gini ga akan dibuat :(

  3. OMG it's been a long time since I've seen cute Vic Zhou! I'm also a Taiwanese drama addict but lately I've been mroe focused on my Korean drama addiction! So is that a new drama of him up there? I'll consider watching this in the future:]

  4. korean drama are so much attracted our attention, me either always watch k-drama :)

    ah, this drama called wish to see you again, around 16 episodes and unfortunately its 2008. but trust me it's really worth to watch. i think you better watch from youtube than mysoju :)

  5. yea i do prefer watching in Youtube than in MySoJu because it's more faster but if I can't find it in Youtube it'll also be alright for me to just watch it in Mysoju.com^_^


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