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The Royal Wedding : not just a fairy tale

There's nothing wrong with fairy tales,
because everybody lives happily ever after

   Prince William and Catherine bring out the word fairy tale and everyone loves a nice fairy tale, right? I like to think so, hope that one day if William reigns that he will be a just and wonderful ruler. And really hope together this couple can make a stand and keep the word fairy tale alive.  
* The Duke and Duchess sealed with a kiss in Buckingham Palace's balcony *

   Most girls love to imagine themselves lives in fairy tale and someday merry a prince charming. Maybe rite now you are mad jealousy with the new princess and when the balcony kiss happened you will be like Grace Van Cutsem the tiny frowning bridesmaid who stole the show.

   Both princesses, they’re started from ordinary people to extraordinary people. They can show their beauty just with their elegance and simplicity besides their smile is really awesome,im gonna practice smiling like that. 

   But we can not compare their marriage to Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage, because it's two very different stories. Prince Charles was not madly in love with Diana at all, whereas Prince William and Kate have been madly in love with each other for several years already before getting married.

   The royal wedding had everyone excited to see what Kate, her bridesmaids, and royal relatives would wear from head to toe. I also waiting with excitement to see which hats and fascinators were chosen as beauty accessories to their glamorous yet prim attire. Which do you like most?  

The Most Glam Hat & Fascinator is

 And The Most Ugliest is
The royal wedding may be over, but a number of questions remain unanswered : Where will William and Kate honeymoon? Did Lady Gaga design Princess Beatrice's hat? 

   And oh, did you know if the story of Will & Kate's fairy-tale romance already released? If you have Royal Wedding fever like me and really want to watch it so badly you can download here. This is the most talked movie in Britain this week, so that's why you MUST watch it.
   Nico Evers-Swindell and Camilla Luddington play as Prince William and Kate Middleton. Really don't know why so many people critics this movie, cos for me this movie completely sweet and romantic. And also Nico and Camilla is better than the original, oops. But it's true la, look carefully their pic. YOU JUDGE!

   The bad things from this movie only 2, poor prince Harry's look and the final scene, where Will proposes to Kate in Kenya, actually happened. It was pretty cute, and i caught myself saying “aww!” However, the green screen effects looked straight out of The Lion King. Overall this movie was GOOD.

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  1. Kaya film Cinderella yah.. :D

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing! Love it. :D

  3. lebih lengkap lagi kalau ada Lady Diana hadir di acara mereka :')

  4. I wish I could have a wedding like that :D

  5. waah.. iya ka banyak juga yang ingin hidup 'life happily ever after' tapi kadang kenyataan ga kaya gitu jadi pada sirik kali hehe XD

    filmnya seru banget kah ka?

  6. dear all...
    filmnya emang standar film-film sejenis kaya princess diary atau a cinderella story gitu tapi tetep keren lo, wajib tonton deh pokoknya. apalagi banyak adegan yg so sweet banget. masa iya nonton royal weddingnya tapi ga nonton waktu mereka pacaran

  7. eh itu yg pake topi jelek kaya badak jawa siapa sih ? jeng tak tau silsilah keluarga inggris nih keraton jogja aja taunye cuma sultan hihihi (maklum anak ekonomi--> GA ADA HUBUNGANNYA JENG !!).. nice posting !! like it so much..hehe

  8. @heng blogii :
    lol mana yang kaya badak?? baiklah karena aku kuliah jurusan manajemen bisnis yang berpengetahuan luas aku pasti tau silsilah kluarga inggris, hehe :p

    gambarnya liat disini aja ya http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f104/tengnang/britishgenealogy.png

  9. itu loh anaknya pangeran edward kalo ga salah beatrice. haha.. trus apaaaa hubungannya sama manajemen bisnis ya ? haha

  10. emang ga ada hubungannya sama manajemen bisnis tapi baca bener-bener deh jeng. aku nambahin berpengetahuan luas disitu... :p

    ooh princess beatrice toh, dia sepupunya prince will


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