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   Before i start this, i want to ask you why you haven't follow me at twitter yet *chin shiver*. Everyday got at least a few hundred people reading my blog, i don't believe all of you not love me!!! Show me some love please, only has 123 follower when i'm writing this. Tissue paper please.

  So point of this entry is today im watching Postman To Heaven. Alone. Because Koko Sleep already. I am VERY VERY picky and only watch those of which i know of the cast. Rich dude, poor girl, fall in love, sabotaged, disapproved of, cry, cry, cry. Finally get together. You know.. same storyline with a different set of cast. This movie just same like others but more touching, and many words that can not be spoken, aaah... let me show you.
boy meets girl and became friend
different intention
the boy really take care of the girl, sweet
 fallin in love
 quarrel, girl talk to much and wont listen. boy gone
 girl cry
 meet again, fallin in love again
don't care if everyone lookin at them. FIN.

   When the movie reached saddest part i can not hold it anymore. Immediately hugged koko tightly and cry. I didn't mean to wake him up but i really need hugging someone. Aaah, so comfort. This is why i love watch drama, hehe.

   So sad to imagine when someone's gone from our life. You will never know she/he will gone for comeback or gone, gone. Sometimes talk is good, but listen is much better. So please listen to what my heart said  "thanks, for coming to me. Thanks for waiting so i wont be lonely, because you’re right here with me." If i didn’t meet you, i wouldn’t have known how beautiful this world is, and just live passed all that. As time passes by, in the future far far ahead i will probably be thankful once again, having the memories to look back upon this thankful heart. 

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  1. oh 123 followers on tweet? that's a lot, I got only 47, haha..but nvm. I rarely used it =p


  3. JJ so cute! please watch, it's highly recommended :)

  4. Yea I've heard about this in mysoju.com but I was too busy with school to watch it at that moment so I decided to watch it next time and it was gone. But I still wanna watch it though so where can I watch this online?


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