Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Khatam Al-Quran

   No not me, but my sisters. When i was 10 i have finished read Quran, but they really make me jealous this time. I mean their celebration was super awesome, so different with me hayaaah...

Bunda help me fixed my make up :)

and tadaaa.... look at me, pretty... hehehe :p

hayaaah... she did this pose again >.<''
   Well, this is banjarnese khatam Quran tradition. All things like this floral umbrella, a colorful stick with flag, a boiled egg, and an angpao. And they sat on nested fabrics.
yes, that's me an umbrella girl, lol

the touching part....

fiuwh.... finally relax a bit

okay, i know i always quarell with mom, but don't know that time we were so close and look our face looks similiar rite?

3 Love Letters:

  1. is this your house? wow. wonderful :)

  2. This is very nice to learn tradition like this. Thanks for sharing. The picture where your parents hugged you, that is so sweet! So you will reach a certain age when you read the Quran?


  3. khatam yang ke berapa sis', saya sendiri sudah lupa kapan terakhir saya membaca Al-qur'an


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