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The Royal Wedding : not just a fairy tale

There's nothing wrong with fairy tales,
because everybody lives happily ever after

   Prince William and Catherine bring out the word fairy tale and everyone loves a nice fairy tale, right? I like to think so, hope that one day if William reigns that he will be a just and wonderful ruler. And really hope together this couple can make a stand and keep the word fairy tale alive.  
* The Duke and Duchess sealed with a kiss in Buckingham Palace's balcony *

   Most girls love to imagine themselves lives in fairy tale and someday merry a prince charming. Maybe rite now you are mad jealousy with the new princess and when the balcony kiss happened you will be like Grace Van Cutsem the tiny frowning bridesmaid who stole the show.

   Both princesses, they’re started from ordinary people to extraordinary people. They can show their beauty just with their elegance and simplicity besides their smile is really awesome,im gonna practice smiling like that. 

   But we can not compare their marriage to Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage, because it's two very different stories. Prince Charles was not madly in love with Diana at all, whereas Prince William and Kate have been madly in love with each other for several years already before getting married.

   The royal wedding had everyone excited to see what Kate, her bridesmaids, and royal relatives would wear from head to toe. I also waiting with excitement to see which hats and fascinators were chosen as beauty accessories to their glamorous yet prim attire. Which do you like most?  

The Most Glam Hat & Fascinator is

 And The Most Ugliest is
The royal wedding may be over, but a number of questions remain unanswered : Where will William and Kate honeymoon? Did Lady Gaga design Princess Beatrice's hat? 

   And oh, did you know if the story of Will & Kate's fairy-tale romance already released? If you have Royal Wedding fever like me and really want to watch it so badly you can download here. This is the most talked movie in Britain this week, so that's why you MUST watch it.
   Nico Evers-Swindell and Camilla Luddington play as Prince William and Kate Middleton. Really don't know why so many people critics this movie, cos for me this movie completely sweet and romantic. And also Nico and Camilla is better than the original, oops. But it's true la, look carefully their pic. YOU JUDGE!

   The bad things from this movie only 2, poor prince Harry's look and the final scene, where Will proposes to Kate in Kenya, actually happened. It was pretty cute, and i caught myself saying “aww!” However, the green screen effects looked straight out of The Lion King. Overall this movie was GOOD.

Learn Something From The Movie

   Before i start this, i want to ask you why you haven't follow me at twitter yet *chin shiver*. Everyday got at least a few hundred people reading my blog, i don't believe all of you not love me!!! Show me some love please, only has 123 follower when i'm writing this. Tissue paper please.

  So point of this entry is today im watching Postman To Heaven. Alone. Because Koko Sleep already. I am VERY VERY picky and only watch those of which i know of the cast. Rich dude, poor girl, fall in love, sabotaged, disapproved of, cry, cry, cry. Finally get together. You know.. same storyline with a different set of cast. This movie just same like others but more touching, and many words that can not be spoken, aaah... let me show you.
boy meets girl and became friend
different intention
the boy really take care of the girl, sweet
 fallin in love
 quarrel, girl talk to much and wont listen. boy gone
 girl cry
 meet again, fallin in love again
don't care if everyone lookin at them. FIN.

   When the movie reached saddest part i can not hold it anymore. Immediately hugged koko tightly and cry. I didn't mean to wake him up but i really need hugging someone. Aaah, so comfort. This is why i love watch drama, hehe.

   So sad to imagine when someone's gone from our life. You will never know she/he will gone for comeback or gone, gone. Sometimes talk is good, but listen is much better. So please listen to what my heart said  "thanks, for coming to me. Thanks for waiting so i wont be lonely, because you’re right here with me." If i didn’t meet you, i wouldn’t have known how beautiful this world is, and just live passed all that. As time passes by, in the future far far ahead i will probably be thankful once again, having the memories to look back upon this thankful heart. 

Crying Aquatic Creature

How Dare You!

What is Kartini's Day Mean For You?

* little anindy and rissa my besty when we was kindergarten *

   To many Indonesian, Kartini's Day means showing up at schools or office in traditional attire, especially kebaya dress for the ladies. Kebaya is a traditional Javanese dress where Kartini is always depicted wearing them. Even the women street cleaners and bus drivers showed up in their kebaya and i’m quite sure it’s not easy to work in such attire.  

   I just don’t understand the significance of wearing such traditional attire on every April 21st. Well, i must admit it sure is fun to dress differently once in a while. To me, celebrating Kartini's Day means we are reminded again about her struggle against discrimination towards women. During her time women never got the chance to study or even to express their ideas and so often are mistreated. Kartini fought for equality Something which ironically many of us still take for granted. This is what Kartini Day is all about, beyond just wearing all those traditional attire.

   And the funny good thing is Kartini was a Javanese aristocrat who wore a kebaya, if she been a Balinese peasant, we might've been celebrating it topless. Which would have a positive impact on tourism gather. Yupe.. imagine that.

   Honestly, what is Kartini's Day actually? What this day mean for you? What does gender equality mean? A process and fair treat of women and men? So everything should be equal? Just like that? Is it? Realy?

  Gender equality should not be viewed as the rights and obligations of the exact same without further consideration. But look at things and the maximum liability that could be done and obtained, in accordance with the context of womanhood. The worst thing of all is about stereotypical views. The raw image of the individual or group that doesn't comply with the existing empirical reality. Negative labeling in general bear injustice. Sigh. 

   I hope that the celebration of the Kartini Day would not only be just a tradition, but should be more than that. For which purpose state officials and other public figures must have more respect on women’s rights, that they are equal to men. The government must make sure that every women who wish to work abroad must be given enough trainings and will be well protected. The House of Representatives must supervise the implementation. 

   Then about you girls,
"How wrong is it for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, 
rather than to create it herself?" - Anais Nin.

YES we are bound by the rules that are incriminating,
YES we are required to be a good wife,
YES we are required to be a good mother,

And what do you want actually? What thing the most you want to achieve as an individual? Wanna be an adventurer? Wanna be an independent woman? Wanna be a career woman? Doing business all by yourself, that all controls are in thee?


Maybe some of you think it is nonsense.
"I cant be a very good businesswoman when the same time I have to be a good mother."


I have an idea.

Why cant you be both?
Why cant you be a mother as good as being a businesswoman?

If you are able to balance everything and still achieve your main target, it is an additional value that makes you more superior than men (hahaa..) Even with all rules and restrictions that we have, it proves that something valuable, may not escape from a tight guard. All the norms and values prevailing in society for us as guarantees for the safety and well being for us.

Yes girls, we are precious.

Sometimes this happend

Im not gonna say all doctors are like this, but you judge!

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Happy Birthday Xiao Memey

   11 April was a special day for my little sister. 
She has 12 candles on her journey now.
Both Jie jie doesn't have a gift to give, we only have a sincerely pray
and wishing you happy happy birthday...

We really have nothing, but pizza hut saved us

i know its not that special, i know she expect more than this 
but we try to make her happy
with EGGS!! XD

My auntie also one of our crime partner.

Waiting till we have the chance annnnd ACTION!

Ofcourse eggs is never enough....

You Are Melody Number