Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Seed of Flower Hope

   This week there's a photography contest at my mom's office, and ofcourse we joining., yeay.... I forgot what the theme is but all i can say here's some pics that i sent.
   This year my youngest sis will going to junior high school, so my mom and i went to SLTP 1 to registered. Walked around this school so bring back old memories, i was spent my junior high in this school, definitely remember every confession spots, lol.

   Back to hometown, back to famous life, say hello to the famous girl.... lol :D
Yesterday we went to somewhere and i saw flexi car and i talked to my self "hmm flexi goes to school, nice idea. they will get new potential market.". A few minutes later one of the flexi girl came to me and she  said she wants to take pictures with me, lololol. So she suddenly gave me one flexi starter pack and one modem and pose with her. lol. I don't know why she wants take a pic with me.

    My freaky famous not just stop ther, recently i've got a lot of haters than usual. They spamming me with stupid comments on my blog. Well Koko said "you don't get million friends without making few enemies" so ya, thanx for the haters.

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