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Purwacaraka Music Studio Samarinda 1st Concert

   Last Saturday, my little sis Adelia Shahtrida Mayangsari or we called her Memey has her second concert.  So damn excited especially me and my mom, cos for this big day we put our fashion sense to her outfit. Before see her, let's take a look my dress first.
 Look that girl in the mirror, cute right? hehehe how's the dress cute not?
which more cuter, the girl or the dress? ssst... keep it for your self. 

   Anyway bit disappointed because mom wont allow me wearing dress like this, huh what's wrong with the dress i think it's nice and okay to wear it like this. what's wrong with my style? and oh she also wont allow me to camwhoring just like this, hayaaah so not fair la. but ooops did i said camwhoring? yeah im camwhoring. no one can't stop me when i star camwhoring with my self or with people around me. like this one....

   Okay okay that's enough before it's too OOT, let's just meet the gorgeous violin girl. She was played "Ambilkan Bulan" duet with someone who play piano. Watched her from this far, listened the song she played, it was so perfect to me *almost crying*. She make me proud having her as my cute little sister. She's so smart, talented, more cuter than me. Yeah, that's her. My little sister.

Memey's first concert when she was 10 years.

   The concert not only just a concert it's also has a drama musical. Lol it's so funny especially when  the special guests take their role. Actually this guests is 3 foreigners who get scholarship in Mulawarman University to take Bahasa Indonesia course. wew.... so lucky.

   Talkin about guests and lucky, do you know both man in this pic? the left one is Purwacaraka and the right one is my dad. The MC called my dad to go the stage because she thinks my daddy looks alike Purwacaraka. And not only the MC, all the teacher, memey's friends, and even our neighbourhood keep say the same thing. So whad do you think?
P.S : if you see something wrong with me in the 3 last pics, well err ya.. im just eat dinner to much. sorry for disturbing *bow*

5 Love Letters:

  1. bener tuh..ayahnya chanchan pantes ko sodaraan ma purwacaraka..mirip euy..xixixi..

    anyway, salut ma adikknya chan :D

  2. hehe... iya itu ayah, sama purwacaraka cuma beda kumisnya. kata ayah kumis ayah lebih tebel :p

    hanif kalo gedean tar di lesin musik aja bang. sapa tau punya bakat.

  3. Tell me, ur cuteness fake or not?

  4. jadi juga kan make baju itu, walo ditambah legging ato jeans ya itu?
    congrat y buat lil sisternya :)


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