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Me this week and Stupid Movie

   Not much i can say, like the days before still doing script shit, bored till death so Koko and i planning to go somewhere maybe swimming pool or maybe dufan of maybe both. Bandung so hot recently so it's the perfect time to waterplay, yey! But unfortunately i've got fever yesterday and again we should reschedule our plan.
Aaah stuck in my bed, want burger so badly, and miss shopping so much.

And oh please welcome to failed adaptation movie of the year

   GANTZ according to Koko, this story so awesome, full of testosterone things like violence, sex, anger,  vengeance, or whatever good part that guy expect when reads manga. But when it's comes to live action all i can say is it was one of the worst, failed, awfully, wasted pieces of excrement i have ever decided to watch. I never blame Koko but you know what's goin on from adaptation movie?

It does fail at is being true to the spirit of the original story, and for fans of the original, it's a disappointment and a missed opportunity. Fails as a true adaptation of the source material. I can not find any + points from :

Perspective of a Gantz Fan:
I don't even read the manga but Koko does. So the things that bothered him most about this film were the changes of storyline. Some examples include the character isn’t in high school but college. There’s not enough violence and nudity. Lack information for newcomers of Gantz world,  they left out important facts. 

Most of the characters didn’t resemble the actual characters in manga, although this is hard to do in most cases. In this case it really shouldn’t have been that hard rite?

Kei is super stupid guy (not his intelligence), and always take less action. You know i can't stand of to see or listen guy stupidness, and i don't even understand when guys doing stupidity and called it funny, daa... In this case, i prefer watch handsome guy like Yamapi to role it than Ninomiya. Because watching handsome guys doing stupidness and role as weak guy we can accept and tolerance it *if you know the rules of handsome and ugly guys*.

So do with Masaru Kato, take a look the manga version and compare it with my expectation with the fact. I bet most of you will agree with me. And somehow i feel Matsuyama only fit with L character.

SUCKS. It's too slow to sci-fi action movie. They don't even realize if they hold a guns, prefer screaming and running from alien than shoot them. WTF it's action movie or not huh?! and i hate when Kei just watching when his friend fighting with alien, when Kei admire him self when doing something heroic, i mean daaa... can he stop act like that? According to Koko, the original Kei was like that in first story but for me hello it's already comes in end the movie.  

I don’t care about the sequel and i have a feeling most fans wont either and with that i give Gantz 0.5 stars.

Don't watch if you a fan of Gantz, don't expect too much, and if you someone with lowest imagination just DON'T watch it. Just stuck in manga. I can survive till the end because i success change Ninomiya's face as Yamapi's face and change Matsuyama's face as Jun's face. Muahahaha....

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