Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Camwhoring while Window Shopping

   Woohoo, two days ago i made up with Koko and because this friday i should go home, he accompany me to shopping. Buying a lot of things, drained all the money in my wallet already. Hope someone can take responsible of this... *wink wink wink*

   We've try Nϋ TEAZ and miu, i love the taste. I told koko like this "i choose miu because the bottle is pink and cute like me :)" and koko said "and i choose TEAZ because it's macho like me" *lol lol lol*

   So tired after walking around, i've found good place to sit  and koko start to camwhoring... me. us. Totally graceful daddy gave me this pocket camera, having bf who always take good pic for me, and also he's good looking *no need to photoshop him, lol*.
WEIRD FACE. we try doing "show off teeth" like a model in magazine's cover but failed.

   Well, i already packed my luggage and i want have some zzz now cos tomorrow i'll go to hot spring with koko, nona, and her bf. Hope tomorrow will be fine and fun, im so worry about something, really hope tomorrow we can talk like real friends family.

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