Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Seed of Flower Hope

   This week there's a photography contest at my mom's office, and ofcourse we joining., yeay.... I forgot what the theme is but all i can say here's some pics that i sent.
   This year my youngest sis will going to junior high school, so my mom and i went to SLTP 1 to registered. Walked around this school so bring back old memories, i was spent my junior high in this school, definitely remember every confession spots, lol.

   Back to hometown, back to famous life, say hello to the famous girl.... lol :D
Yesterday we went to somewhere and i saw flexi car and i talked to my self "hmm flexi goes to school, nice idea. they will get new potential market.". A few minutes later one of the flexi girl came to me and she  said she wants to take pictures with me, lololol. So she suddenly gave me one flexi starter pack and one modem and pose with her. lol. I don't know why she wants take a pic with me.

    My freaky famous not just stop ther, recently i've got a lot of haters than usual. They spamming me with stupid comments on my blog. Well Koko said "you don't get million friends without making few enemies" so ya, thanx for the haters.

Purwacaraka Music Studio Samarinda 1st Concert

   Last Saturday, my little sis Adelia Shahtrida Mayangsari or we called her Memey has her second concert.  So damn excited especially me and my mom, cos for this big day we put our fashion sense to her outfit. Before see her, let's take a look my dress first.
 Look that girl in the mirror, cute right? hehehe how's the dress cute not?
which more cuter, the girl or the dress? ssst... keep it for your self. 

   Anyway bit disappointed because mom wont allow me wearing dress like this, huh what's wrong with the dress i think it's nice and okay to wear it like this. what's wrong with my style? and oh she also wont allow me to camwhoring just like this, hayaaah so not fair la. but ooops did i said camwhoring? yeah im camwhoring. no one can't stop me when i star camwhoring with my self or with people around me. like this one....

   Okay okay that's enough before it's too OOT, let's just meet the gorgeous violin girl. She was played "Ambilkan Bulan" duet with someone who play piano. Watched her from this far, listened the song she played, it was so perfect to me *almost crying*. She make me proud having her as my cute little sister. She's so smart, talented, more cuter than me. Yeah, that's her. My little sister.

Memey's first concert when she was 10 years.

   The concert not only just a concert it's also has a drama musical. Lol it's so funny especially when  the special guests take their role. Actually this guests is 3 foreigners who get scholarship in Mulawarman University to take Bahasa Indonesia course. wew.... so lucky.

   Talkin about guests and lucky, do you know both man in this pic? the left one is Purwacaraka and the right one is my dad. The MC called my dad to go the stage because she thinks my daddy looks alike Purwacaraka. And not only the MC, all the teacher, memey's friends, and even our neighbourhood keep say the same thing. So whad do you think?
P.S : if you see something wrong with me in the 3 last pics, well err ya.. im just eat dinner to much. sorry for disturbing *bow*

Can earth's darkest hour also be our brightest?

Countdown : 4 days to Earth Hour 2011...

   Global warming is now the greatest threat we have ever faces. But we can make a difference if we act together. This year more than 4,600 cities celebrated Earth Hour by turning off their lights, share the positive actions you will sustain for earth beyond the hour.. 
    ONE person has the power to make change
    you can make that CHANGE
    you are one of BILLIONS of people
    you have the POWER to make it happen

          in only 3 years, what started as a simple act in one country
          has become a GLOBAL celebration driven by you
          uniting 128 countries in 4616 cities and towns

     MILLIONS of voice coming togather as one
     the LARGEST voluntary action ever witnessed
     and that's just the BEGINNING
     if you can do this IMAGINE what else we can achieve

Turning off lights = FUN
  • Candles - light some candles
  • Stargaze - check out the stars in your backyard
  • Shadow Puppets - set up a shadow puppet theatre in your home

   Don't forget you can continue to do your bit for the planet, like not wasting electricity or wasting water or making too much rubbish. There's something everyone can do beyond the hour of darkness to help protect our world.

   Stay in the dark in 1 hour to brighter back our EARTH. Together, we can all make a difference.

Camwhoring while Window Shopping

   Woohoo, two days ago i made up with Koko and because this friday i should go home, he accompany me to shopping. Buying a lot of things, drained all the money in my wallet already. Hope someone can take responsible of this... *wink wink wink*

   We've try Nϋ TEAZ and miu, i love the taste. I told koko like this "i choose miu because the bottle is pink and cute like me :)" and koko said "and i choose TEAZ because it's macho like me" *lol lol lol*

   So tired after walking around, i've found good place to sit  and koko start to camwhoring... me. us. Totally graceful daddy gave me this pocket camera, having bf who always take good pic for me, and also he's good looking *no need to photoshop him, lol*.
WEIRD FACE. we try doing "show off teeth" like a model in magazine's cover but failed.

   Well, i already packed my luggage and i want have some zzz now cos tomorrow i'll go to hot spring with koko, nona, and her bf. Hope tomorrow will be fine and fun, im so worry about something, really hope tomorrow we can talk like real friends family.

Oh no, im doing weekly post again. Please read and scroll till ends

   Still in great shock reading all the tweets about Japan earthquake/tsunami on my timeline. So horrifying to witness the live tweets on how they still feel the aftershock every so often and everyone seems to be still panicking.  I close my eyes and i can see a better day. I close my eyes and i pray for Japan. I wish i were Ultraman so i can save Japan.

   Okay let's move to next fun news... my mom come 4 days ago, she said she has a workshop which is mean work and shop, lol. I really enjoy the shopping time, it's so fun when i can go to expensive shop and try the dress on and even bought them (not with my money ofcourse), oops.
   Im trying Kate Mc Lean's high heels, it's so mad cute. Mom says the right shoes on the right feet will look so gorgeous. And this the last pics on 1st shopping day *forgot bring the camera on the next day*, mom went to Alladin's town with magic carpet, lol.
   And oh, did you know "bosan jadi pegawai" show on trans tv every sunday noon? Just want to tell you, when my mom and i go to the secret factory outlet. There's a stranger guy come to us and want me to try the bakpau. All i can say is it's super horrible, but since camera rolled my mom say if the bakpao super yummy, lol she's so good in acting. And you know what after the stranger guy and cameramen gone, my mom ask me to throw the bakpao away. Trust me it's not yummy as it's looks. Maybe you can watch us next sunday.

   Two days ago Koko accompany me met someone to confirm if im winning an online game. City get burn that day, so madly hot! so we decide cooling down at mall and watch the king's speech. The movie was good but it's too slow, this the first time i almost sleep in cinema. But Koko told me if im just to tired.

And finally Saturday comes, we go to Graha Manggala Siliwangi to confirm my prize. Actually im winning 1 net book, 2 or maybe 3 gramedia's vouchers, and 1 tea set. But because just only claim 1 prize is super ribet so it's okay since net book more and more worthy than othen prize, muahahahaha.  
*getting stamp before in, lol it's remind me to Dufan* 

Waiting at Speedy's counter

Preparing the Interview
Lol...lol...lol... both MCs have no clue what kidevo is and he keep asking me is that online game, education site, or social network. He so curious and want me to show him the site.

Finally, the stage...
 After the wishy washy, they calling my name and i go to the stage, answering the question, and tadaaa the gimme axioo net book and a many merchandise :p 
*lol, look my expression it's like i want tell him "why you always aks the same question?" 

Speedy's Counter
If i comparing this counter with others, Speedy get more people in their counter. Why? Because they have plasma tv and big screen to attract people to come watch soccer game *Pelita Jaya vs Persib*. Lol it's so silly when many people come not for looking for their products but just for watching soccer. I know it's smart but it's still silly for me, i mean when some people screaming when watch it, many people in their surrounding will get rushy run to speedy's counter and join them. And suddenly other counters get less costumer and less worker.


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