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Wacha gonna do for Valentine's day

   Listen, listen, it's 5 days before the pink day and ladies have you make a preparation for that day? and for the boys what will you do with your girlfriend? don't tell me you only give her chocolate, sigh. For this day, let's your romantic side guide you to the big heart shaped spotlight.
   Take her to romantic candle lite dinner ooor just casual place and remember to build romantic moment with her. If you find a coach, just take that seat and do this pose. With right gesture and calmy eyes, tap the couch like you wanna tell her "come sit beside me, darl".
   Give her your surprise gift, like what? hmmm it can be ice cream, chocolate, teddy bear, a bunch of rose, a ring, or whatever she likes. And even you can draw heart shape,  write "love you xoxo",  "kiss me" or  whatever you want with sauce on her burger.

   The best part is while you spent money for buying gifts, pizza hut has special promo discount 50% at monday till friday. Try having lunch or dinner at pizza hut on valentine's day. Just buy Super Supreme personal and Orange Lychee Sparkle so you can get the discount. Still can save money rite?

   Take her to the movie. Please make sure you have checked the schedule before it. But if the movie so sucks, you still can watch in your room.  Just tidy up your room, spray something nice, turn off the lite, just try make it perfect.

   You can also buy cake, feeding each other, or just make a "kiss-cake challenge".
Don't tell me you don't know how?

   And the last one is, prepare your self from head to toe. You can date wearing tee couple, or just make your self (i mean the girl) look so damn chio chic or maybe wearing max dress you look glam. You choose.

 And now you ready for special dating at 14 feb

5 Love Letters:

  1. aih aih..si eneng niat pisan..xixixi...:D sukses aja dah with V-Day nya :)

  2. hey, I love the style of your dress..the pink one! :D

    can I have it? lol just kidding.. I really love style! hehe :D


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