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   Having a fat belly especially for girl is soooo much troubling, and  just imagine when you have sister or friends who have flat tummy and they can wear cute tank top, hot pants, or whatever they wants and they look more cuter, how bout you there? stuck up with your fat tummy. ha sooo not funny at all. 

   How about you talking with your boyfriend while he browsing  the internet and here he goes, doing that irritating sound when seeing ugly hot bitches with flat tummy and he smile and his eyes open so widely like it's a 3D and the girl comes out from PC. aaagh so annoying!

   One of my friend said this year is fat belly's year, if you have flat belly so it's mean you are not cool at all. But is that make a sense? Will you allow your boyfriend keep "auuuh" when seeing that skinny girl? if i were you i want my boyfriend only seeing me and that "auuuh" is only for me. This year i can buy and wear whatever i want. Because this year i will have my FLAT BELLY.....
* This is me before*
 chubby chic, big tummy, big arm (oh god)
getting scold everyday by my mom because im so fat 
 fat max, gonna exploding
not my tummy
(my mom and my boyfriend will kill me if i upload picture like this)
 but i can tell you it's look like this now
   But the problem is how to do that?
- DIET. ha i know you will do that expression. For some girls it's so hard, it's like they can't stop eat yummy food. You know what hile you make McD more and more richy he makes you more and more fat than before.
- DRINK WRP. 1 box for 3 days and count how many bucks will you spent till you loose your weight?
- EXERCISE. hell no! just skip it, i hate tired and sweating.

   So what will you do if you can't stop eating, have no money, hates exercise but want flat tummy? well just listen and follow my advice, cos you will grateful someday. Just buy SHAPE-UP BODY WRAP it's around IDR 60 k till IDR 135 k *just make sure find the right shop who offer good price* and enjoy your new body.


   Waist wrap made of soft PVC which has special effect to generate heat like a sauna. It can use to everywhere you want abdomen, waist, thigh, or even your arm. PVC is one type of plastic that always used to make various kinds of sauna products. PVC is safe and not harmful to your skin.

How to use it?
- wrapped around the fatty part, make sure you wrap it so tightly it can help you easier to sweat.

- use for 1-3 hours.
- let it heat and make you sweat, the calories being burned yey! 
- you can use slimming lotion or slimming gel before do the wrap.
- when finished, loose slowly and wipe the sweat.
- you can rinse the sauna wrap with water (not the hot one), then winds it to dry.

How it works?
- eliminate the fat through perspiration.
- wrap it tightly so you can sweating and it's definitely a sign of calories are burned.
- if you can not feel the heat, don't panic! just make sure you have wrap it tight, just suck it and it will sweat as well.
   Nah now you ready to wear that cute and sexy dress, wear a bikini, having so much confidence when camwhoring with your friends, and the best part is you can make your boyfriend won't let his eyes away from you. Welcome to flat belly club girls.... 

4 Love Letters:

  1. Is it works?? I'm about to try the sauna wrap but still think if it's worth to try or not.. >,<

  2. works banget....
    seminggu udah keliatan lo hasilnya, apalagi kalo dipakein lotion dulu dibagian yang mau dikecelin, keringetnya bakal deres banget

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