Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Tuesday Sensation

   Since im so tired with my final report, we decide to go somewhere.
So disappointed BIP having so minimalist CNY decoration, sigh

 * LOL since i have many pic of him in my blog, i think he is more popular than me *

 * ta daa, crepes choco special with chips and crepes burger bla bla bla (forgot the name) *

 * after took forever finally i eat my choco special hmm so damn yummy *

no photoshop, no liquify. just because body wrap, muahahahaha

Well actually im lookin for short-skirt, you know it's totally short but look like a skirt
and yes! i got it. Only IDR 95 i can have cute black skirt oops short i mean

* found cute earmuff, gosh it's pink, it's furry, and i love it *

That's all for now. 
Gonna sleep early because tomorrow morning i have body language class 
with alin, arin, amanda, and nia

2 Love Letters:

  1. huuuu...want some of those crepes too..:O

  2. jangankan bang todi, aku ngeliat fotonya aja jadi pengen lagi. yang choco special enak banget deh


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