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Magnum Café The Real Sweet Escape

  @MyMagnumID Magnum Cafe akan dibuka tanggal 27 Februari 2011. Bertempat di Grand Indonesia, West Mall, lt.5. Be there...... Magnum Lovers!

Go to magnum cafe's facebook and ask them to open it on your city.

   I know everyone of you ever try this ice cream, even it always out of stock at alfamart, circle k, or other convenience store you keep hunting for it. People start make magnum as a rare ice cream which is so hard  and precious to find it and when you can buy it, it's like you've winning a lottery and start to imagine your self as an ordinary people who treated like a royal just same like the advert. But now you can completely your royal experience just like your dream at Magnum Café. Sadly it's pop up for 3 months and Grand Indonesia ONLY.

First, let's meet the royal people...
 and then the executive chef

Aldo Volpi, Italian famous chef comes to serve you. 

and the menu

    Start from the appetizer, main course, till the dessert and mocktail are formulated with perfect blend of luxury soft ice cream and Belgian chocolate. Magnum Café provides Pas de Trois, A Knight's Tale, Court Jester, The Emperor, Commander's Fried Rice, and the Royal Kingdom as the main course.

   For dessert menu, Magnum presents Waffle Cafe de aristocrat, Goblet of Chocolate, Razzle Dazzle, and Crown JewelTo complete your thirst, you'll mess around with a wide selection of fresh drinks, such as Summer Tango, Truffle Royale, and the Ice Queen.

God, please make bandung as their next target. 
I promise to be a good girl.

5 Love Letters:

  1. The cafe makes it look so yummy. Take me there ! ! !

  2. hmmm...nyummy... (mmm)

  3. uwooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yummy !!!!! i want it want it uuh uhh... *magnum big fan

  4. enaknyaaa bangettt :p

  5. there's a new taste of Magnum ice cream.. for now you can only find it at magnum cafe, but on May it will be available at stores :)


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