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Happy Chinese New Year

新年 快乐 恭禧 發財

   Wan Se Ru Yi, Sen Thi Cien Khang. Wishing you abundance of good health and wonderful prosperous new year with lot of happiness.

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When zodiac meets western horoscope 
The Lion is King of the Western zodiac and the Dragon is the sign of the Emperor. Leo Dragons have an innate sense of royalty, thus they are born leaders. They are flashy and like to show-off, but their kindness and zest for life make them fascinating.

  What rabbit says for dragons in this year?
    Assertive, energetic and talented are all words to describe the Dragon personality. On the other hand, the Dragon has a tendency to be condescending and tactless without realising it. They generally enjoy robust health and tend to be very successful in anything they turn their hand to.

   This year for the dragon, seem to gain many lucky star plus the evil star is minimize. Therefore this is a good year ahead some things are beyond the predictions will be found the dragon in this year. There will be many nobility that will come, advance performance at work but there will be damage cause by some people around. You should make more communication with others and improve interpersonal relationship, career development will be more favorable. For the business people, there is a good opportunity for the dragon to do business in this year, you will get the chance to meet honored person’s support, wealth is very smooth, you can see a return on your investment. Love life is smooth, sweet and warm.  Have health problems, need to prone to insomnia, gastrointestinal discomfort or breathing problems. To avoid funeral this year. Highly recommended for the dragon to stay patient and not rush in doing anything. Emotions up and down quickly will bring trouble to the dragon.

 hmmm.. should be nice this year, 
so maybe bunny will help Koko and Jie Jie stay away from those bad troubles


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  1. Your Shio is Dragon?!I kid you not!mine is Dragon too!Ha ha, Hello my Shio mate!Happy belated CNY!^^


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