Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Five Pearls of Wisdom to Remember

1. money can't buy happiness
    but somehow it's more comfortable to cry in BMW than on a bicycle.

2. forgive your enemy,  
     but remember the bastard's name.

3. help a man when he is trouble and he will remember you
    when he is in trouble again.

4. many people are alive only because
    it's illegal to shoot them.

5. alcohol doesn't solve any problem
    neither does milk.

4 Love Letters:

  1. wah kamuflase ni kamut nya....hehehe

  2. Hell yess, I forgive all my enemies, but I remember the bastard's name. Even her mom's

  3. LOL!
    Nindy, salam kenal... :)
    Aku kutip quote-nya sedikit di blogku ya, tapi aku back link ke sini, kok...

  4. Gua suka banget yg no 2

    I forgive but I don't forget

    I remember the bastard's name, his address, his phone, and I pray for his demise every night, muahahahahahaha (mode psycho : on)

    Memaafkan sih boleh, tapi jangan dilupain, malah bagusnya kita lebih waspada dan ati2 terhadap orang tsb

    Salam kenal,


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