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don't care if people keep saying valentine's day is PROHIBIT

Many people say "don't ever stay with a guy who makes you cry cause the one who is, wont make you cry". But i've learned that if "one nite the moon asked me, if he makes you cry so much why don't you leave him? i answer... moon, could you ever leave your sky?"

   This is it, my failed chocolate strawberry and failed choco heart shape! i curse the refrigerator, how could my chocolate melting when i put it on the freezer! sigh. Even i give him surprise gift but i still feel something missing. I can not give him my homemade chocolate.

   He is not romantic guy, but i appreciate he try to make happy.
red wine, roses, and a cup with teddy bear holding it. sweet :)

   So if you ask me how i spent valentine's day, i will answer go shopping and lunch at PH. I know it's just not too special, but i enjoy it. Have a seat on the center, order ice cream when everybody's not, being happy couple, laugh together when everyone keep having lunch with serious face.

   Im not in the perfect mood to blabbering, so enjoy our pictures....
* why he keeps doing that silly looks? *

* serve time. bring the foods out *

* im not a SHOPAHOLIC! im just really into stimulating the economy *

   STOP debating nonsense it's prohibit or not. Can you people just enjoy the moment? If you still say it's prohibit it's up to you. We have different thought, why not just appreciate each other. If you ask me, all i can say it please look the positive side. There's so many people who can't meet properly or can't be romantic, or whatever this whole year. So why not let they be romantic couple only for 1 day, spent a day with love. No business talk, no mad and angry, just love. Okay.. geez *rolling eyes*

2 Love Letters:

  1. aw aw co cwitnaaa...~_~
    beda sm v'day kmrn,dia ngasih something special, aq'y ngutang dulu hihihi
    jd kangen awal2 jatoh cintrong xixixi

  2. even, they're still nice;)


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