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Magnum Café The Real Sweet Escape

  @MyMagnumID Magnum Cafe akan dibuka tanggal 27 Februari 2011. Bertempat di Grand Indonesia, West Mall, lt.5. Be there...... Magnum Lovers!

Go to magnum cafe's facebook and ask them to open it on your city.

   I know everyone of you ever try this ice cream, even it always out of stock at alfamart, circle k, or other convenience store you keep hunting for it. People start make magnum as a rare ice cream which is so hard  and precious to find it and when you can buy it, it's like you've winning a lottery and start to imagine your self as an ordinary people who treated like a royal just same like the advert. But now you can completely your royal experience just like your dream at Magnum Café. Sadly it's pop up for 3 months and Grand Indonesia ONLY.

First, let's meet the royal people...
 and then the executive chef

Aldo Volpi, Italian famous chef comes to serve you. 

and the menu

    Start from the appetizer, main course, till the dessert and mocktail are formulated with perfect blend of luxury soft ice cream and Belgian chocolate. Magnum Café provides Pas de Trois, A Knight's Tale, Court Jester, The Emperor, Commander's Fried Rice, and the Royal Kingdom as the main course.

   For dessert menu, Magnum presents Waffle Cafe de aristocrat, Goblet of Chocolate, Razzle Dazzle, and Crown JewelTo complete your thirst, you'll mess around with a wide selection of fresh drinks, such as Summer Tango, Truffle Royale, and the Ice Queen.

God, please make bandung as their next target. 
I promise to be a good girl.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

   All of us have someone who is hidden in the bottom of the heart. When we think of him, we will feel like always feel a little pain inside. But we still want to keep him because he is the one who makes you know this… a little thing called LOVE. 

yes it was like this say everything alright but inside your heart say "ouch!"

   Yup, already watched the most awesome, wonderful and romantic Thai movie this year called Crazy Little Thing Called Love. This movie is very funny, honest and totally romantic, ABG banget lah. Definitely based on the story of EVERYONE because in one way or another, we ALL have gone through this in one point of our lives. So CRAZY when it comes to first LOVE ♥. Remembered me when i was junior high, doing something stupid just to make sure he can SEE me, lol. Whatta day, but this movie was so chillin', just the way student was. I cried A LOT while watching this, but gladly koko always hugging me and make me calm :)

   This movie deserves a love BUTTON. Hahaha. Thumbs up if you get it. This movie is an inspiration to everyone. It teaches you to become a greater person and to be beautiful in your own way. Everyone has the chance to do that. 

OMG OMG OMG! the prince charming is more cuter than my koko
*take a deep breath, inhale-exhale* ~ melting

  I wouldn't say too much about the plot. There is still one big part of the movie missing which i don't want to spoil it. Watch it and you will know it. I will give 9.5/10 for the ratting.


   People who came to my blog just for looking for Mario Maurer's picture or just looking for some information about "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" is no joke! Seriously a huge number. That's why i would like to thank you for all of the people who keep visiting my blog again and again. So here you go, i will share Mario Maurer's picture from cute to HOT. And oh feel free to play my mustache cursor around mario's face, more cuteness on the way ~(^o^)~

more?? okay...

Be careful with what you wish because someone will get hurt and can't sleep tonight

ouch! jelly not? ahahaha... okay okay i better not play with your temper ^^

mario real looks when mustache grow on his face

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Five Pearls of Wisdom to Remember

1. money can't buy happiness
    but somehow it's more comfortable to cry in BMW than on a bicycle.

2. forgive your enemy,  
     but remember the bastard's name.

3. help a man when he is trouble and he will remember you
    when he is in trouble again.

4. many people are alive only because
    it's illegal to shoot them.

5. alcohol doesn't solve any problem
    neither does milk.

don't care if people keep saying valentine's day is PROHIBIT

Many people say "don't ever stay with a guy who makes you cry cause the one who is, wont make you cry". But i've learned that if "one nite the moon asked me, if he makes you cry so much why don't you leave him? i answer... moon, could you ever leave your sky?"

   This is it, my failed chocolate strawberry and failed choco heart shape! i curse the refrigerator, how could my chocolate melting when i put it on the freezer! sigh. Even i give him surprise gift but i still feel something missing. I can not give him my homemade chocolate.

   He is not romantic guy, but i appreciate he try to make happy.
red wine, roses, and a cup with teddy bear holding it. sweet :)

   So if you ask me how i spent valentine's day, i will answer go shopping and lunch at PH. I know it's just not too special, but i enjoy it. Have a seat on the center, order ice cream when everybody's not, being happy couple, laugh together when everyone keep having lunch with serious face.

   Im not in the perfect mood to blabbering, so enjoy our pictures....
* why he keeps doing that silly looks? *

* serve time. bring the foods out *

* im not a SHOPAHOLIC! im just really into stimulating the economy *

   STOP debating nonsense it's prohibit or not. Can you people just enjoy the moment? If you still say it's prohibit it's up to you. We have different thought, why not just appreciate each other. If you ask me, all i can say it please look the positive side. There's so many people who can't meet properly or can't be romantic, or whatever this whole year. So why not let they be romantic couple only for 1 day, spent a day with love. No business talk, no mad and angry, just love. Okay.. geez *rolling eyes*

Wacha gonna do for Valentine's day

   Listen, listen, it's 5 days before the pink day and ladies have you make a preparation for that day? and for the boys what will you do with your girlfriend? don't tell me you only give her chocolate, sigh. For this day, let's your romantic side guide you to the big heart shaped spotlight.
   Take her to romantic candle lite dinner ooor just casual place and remember to build romantic moment with her. If you find a coach, just take that seat and do this pose. With right gesture and calmy eyes, tap the couch like you wanna tell her "come sit beside me, darl".
   Give her your surprise gift, like what? hmmm it can be ice cream, chocolate, teddy bear, a bunch of rose, a ring, or whatever she likes. And even you can draw heart shape,  write "love you xoxo",  "kiss me" or  whatever you want with sauce on her burger.

   The best part is while you spent money for buying gifts, pizza hut has special promo discount 50% at monday till friday. Try having lunch or dinner at pizza hut on valentine's day. Just buy Super Supreme personal and Orange Lychee Sparkle so you can get the discount. Still can save money rite?

   Take her to the movie. Please make sure you have checked the schedule before it. But if the movie so sucks, you still can watch in your room.  Just tidy up your room, spray something nice, turn off the lite, just try make it perfect.

   You can also buy cake, feeding each other, or just make a "kiss-cake challenge".
Don't tell me you don't know how?

   And the last one is, prepare your self from head to toe. You can date wearing tee couple, or just make your self (i mean the girl) look so damn chio chic or maybe wearing max dress you look glam. You choose.

 And now you ready for special dating at 14 feb

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