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2010 in nutshell

It's like im having so much love chaos this year, i remember when i dont have my own time to be alone, he always want to know more about me but in different way, i hate it and wanna shout "don't rape my privacy". Gladly he understand and we start it over again, and one day he try to be romantic guy, guess what?  he put candies under my pillow and bough me golden chocolate, so touchy.

Until now he loves telling me nice story before i go to bed, found out how smart he is especially his reading map skill. Having my very first job as MC.

As you know, i really really want be cabin attendant but i always give up on my dream. Im just too short, but don't know why they always find me and always ask me to be cabin attendant on their company. Maybe i shouldn't give up on my dream.

Having my first abroad vacation with my family in Singapore. Joining photography competition and spent whole day at universal studio muahahahahahaha that's awesome!

Never stop mumbling about Indonesian who doesn't know what creativity is and try to motivation this people to stop dreaming and start driving!

A famous male blogger read my blog and ask me to be his writer partner, kambing jantan partner that's sound amazing rite? but my mom said if it must be a prank cos no one want me to be famous blogger partner. But 2 months later she was really shock when know who is the "kambing jantan" and she scold me why i refuse to be his partner. BIG DAA, deep sigh, and rolled eyes. My almost to be famous not stop in there, there's a producer who recommended me to a big production house to join the 4th sequel of Laskar Pelangi, Maryamah Kapov. Super awesome!! but my stupid act always stop me to reach famous level. ckckckck...

The life always goes by, sadness, happiness no one know what will happen next. So if yesterday i said im not ready for 2011 today i'll say "yes im ready facing a new year with the new me!" no more stupidness, will work hard and finishing my final project, more wisely to judge something, and grown up!!

*love this pictures actually but why it's so damn blurry*

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