Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

a week before xmas

    Yesterday we went to, errr i don't know i should write the place or not cos i think you'll know from this pictures. Call me old school if i only go to one place, but call me fame if they know me here *you think who you are ha?*

     I love xmas so much, always excited when december comes, have puppy eyes when seeing xmas ornament, but never celebrate gladly i can celebrate it even only once. Well i found out they start to decorate with xmas things and it's time to be camwhore once again, muahahahahaha. here they are.......
*kindly janitor take this pic :)*

*rapunzel and her tower, lol*

whoops, it's time to go
have some shot before watch rapunzel

still don't know where to go when xmas comes, any idea?

2 Love Letters:

  1. itu foto di mana lucu banget hehehe..
    kalo natalan, coba foto di Jakarta aja di mall Central Park malem2 bagus ada pohon natal tertinggi di taman mallnya. :)

  2. itu foto di ciwalk bandung. baru survey 1 mall nih, harusnya mall2 yang lain ga kalah heboh dekorasi natalnya.

    aaaaah sayang ya di jakarta. eh iya, mall di jakarta yang ada saljunya (baca:salju-saljuan dari bubble) dimana ya? kmaren liat brita tapi ga disebutin nama mallnya :(


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