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to the gretest mother

Selamat hari ibu untuk ibu yang luar biasa  
let's make her as queen of the day!!

 mom says : terima kasih, seorang ibu yang luar biasa pasti akan mempunyai anak yang super. kasih ibu tiada batas & tiada henti.  

 Some mom bake a cookies and stay at home all day. They're waiting inside when their kids come home from play. I guess that just something that i wasn't meat to know, cause you are the kind of mom who's always on the go.

From the time i was little and then as i grew, i had to run so fast and hard just to keep up with you. Now i thank you mom for showing me how to have fun. You make work seem like play but you always got it done.

Happy Mother's Day, we bring you smiles your way. We just want to show how much we really care. Happy Mother's Day and we want to say you're greatest mother.

How can i than you for helping me strive to be everything that i should be. You led by example, you used humor too, we lived a lifestyle we called "we can do".

So in conclusion, i feel i must state when it comes to mothers. I think you are great. I hope that i honor you in every way. Because you are truly the queen of Mother's Day.

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