Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

It's just a begining

     Flew more than 1243 km just for attending my besty's wedding, hmm for some people maybe it's just waste much money. But for me, it's one of important moment in my life. Can't believe we're grown up *especially Lia* huhu, times really turn so fast!

      Have scary flight, storm everywhere. But gladly im still life till now :)
when the storm was over i take a look my window, voilla amazing view

*sky from my window*

well well the day before Lia's wedding, esty and i decide to bought her gift. I canceled my idea to give her a sexy lingerie. I know it's chio but i think she will wore it once, trust me she will not need lingerie after this *oops*. So i bought a sheet which is damn expensive but gladly i get super big discount, *pssst please don't tell her if it's discount goods* and esty bought her couple sexy lingerie. Aaah damn she push me to try it on and i hate that looks. She's kinda be something wild if near me. Hey stop! don't imagine it!!

Soooo, tada this the bride. Damn chio in her gold kebaya
she's look so gorgeous, first time seeing she's so shining. com'on trust me she's not girly at all but that day she  was different. Her mommy so nice and she pray if we'll be the next bride. Her mom give me bride's flower, yey does it mean i'll be bride soon? But crap, i forgot to bring it! does it mean next isn't my turn? stupid! how can i forgot the flower :(

"deasy - me - lia - esty "
this my girls, my besty, my cheer's squad (was)
we are best friends forever

good news :
deasy will be the next bride, next year, before her birthday.....
hmmm, so when's my turn?? *hey boy, did you read it? i know you read it?*

2 Love Letters:

  1. jawaban atas pertanyaan terakhirnya : soon..hehehe (sotoy ya?) btw, merit dimana emangnya?

  2. hehehe, ah bang todi *blushing*
    meritnya di samarinda, jauh kan?


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