Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

i love babies, you love babies, everyone loves babies

     As you know monday is movie time, so this week i can't decide between babies or tangled. But hubby says he knows i really want watch babies since months ago so there we go. There was no narration, which was a blessing, and nothing was translated. Thus it was a true look at these babies' lives without any apparent biases or mistranslations. I felt like i was back in my sociology and anthropology class in high school learning to view without judging and learn from each group. If you can appreciate other cultures for what they are and go in without judgment, this is a documentary for you.
     It also has extreme elements of cuteness, so if you want the "aww" factor, this may be a good movie for you.  But if you a close minded you will have a hard time to watch this movie, you will start complaining about the poor parenting and such. So if you aren't open minded please DON'T watch this movie or you will ruin the "aww" factor! 

     Well like always and please don't say you bored if i upload my pictures too much, we do window shopping err wait im not sure it's just window shopping cos i spent little money for accessories. You know what, i found nice shirt. It's for hubby actually but look i make it like it's a couple shirt. See im clever rite, muahahahaha... anyway hubby told me if i were a US girl maybe im a blonde girl, i don't know is it an insult or a compliment. But since i love blonde and he says blonde girl is fun, i accept it as compliment.

LOOK! ciwalk has new corner looks...
It's little bit embarrassing actually, cos there was many peeps keep looking how i pose with this big red box.  *shoo shoo, do your own business!* trust me it's was so uncomfy...

*lol, i should stop doing weird expression*

Well after i take a look to all this pic maybe i was wrong about the peeps who keep looking at me. Maybe they wont look my silly pose but maybe they keep thinking "when this kids stop dominate this red box".

Anyway i prepared a bento yesterday, no special occasion actually. Just want do it.
tadaaaa, a yummy toast. ssshhh don't judge by the look!
if you still believing my toast untasty hubby will proof if it.
me : "so how is it?"
koko : "it's so... ummmm *uneasy* ummmm....
me : "com'on jusst tell the peeps is it yummy or not? *more and more uneasy*
gubrak, koko faint! "WHAAAT!"
skip skip... but trust me, my toast not really bad

Anyway we stopped at game master *again*, since it was rainny and we can't go home we decide to spend more hours at this place. Bored. So let's take some pictures to kill the time.
*playing with panda*

That's all for our monday review, hoammmm im so tired rite now. Should wake up early tomorrow so i can discus my paper with my supervisor. Nite everyone.... zzz

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