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The Stripes Goes Out!

   Wow crazy crazy excited to watch Harry Potter and Deathly Hallow! But i hate why nagini takes a lead in this part, damn! I hate snake, i hate reptiles! I can't imagine if i watch it on 3D, i swear i won't watch it anymore. My hands and food are sweat because i see too much snake. Damn! Damn! Damn! But i love that topless scene, hehehe it's make me forget about nagini. Woops. By the way i think Smeagol from Lord of the Rings and Kreacher from Harry Potter are related, hehehe

   Well, when i went to Ciwalk to watch Harry Potter i saw an event, "Lomba Tarian Negara Si Kecil"  lol it's so cute watching a group of kindergarten dancing and wearing chio costume. Umm these kidz performs Jaipong dance representing Indonesia, Ballet representing Europe, Bollywood, Japanese and Korean dance, and many more. I took some photos but need to hurry because the movie will play. So here they are :

Look at this girl *in that white cycle* 
i think she's look likes me when i was a kid, lol


scroll down
. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


Anyway, today hubby was taking my pic soooo much, i love it. 
I will show you how we spent the days and have fun together !

with sheriff Woddy and Jessie, *love this picture*

  this is hubby
remember one of my post when i said i was help hubby to choose a shirt for him?
this the shirt, what do you think?

love the angle but not my expression, look so dummy!

rest a bit, tired. we already walked too much

lol, i think i start to love this place

ha! this game super suck!! hubby never catch it for me

hahaha, look so tired
let's have fun in this box!!

we're not singing at all, it's just like pretend to singing, joking around
doing photoshot and enjoy the room full of aircon, lol.
we plan to steal some stuffs from karoke box, it can be aircon, tv, or the speakers

 see, doing this make us happy, lolz!
and now it's time to go home and drink wine, hmmm....

4 Love Letters:

  1. HAHAHAHHAHAHA, That snake thingy is shocking eeeh? And guess what? me and my friend is the only one that screaming because that snake in the theater haha. Btw I know right I can't even imagine if i watch it in fucking 3D hahahahahahaha. I'm probably gonna dieee.

  2. hahahaha, me either. sweating because this fuckin scene. ah can't wait for the par 2 la

  3. hi .. you already watch harry potter ?
    i love harry potter omg!! :)

  4. yup yup. this movie so awesome.
    err wait dont tell me you're not watch it yet?!


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