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Magical Gray

Yey!! today my knee doesn't hurt at all, hubby ask me to watch megamind *finally! i hate when my knee hurts and i can't go anywhere i want*, i'll doing hair mask, and i don't know what will happen at ciwalk hmm busy busy busy!

It's start from my room. Im glad i can do mix and match super well, im wearing gray tee with jump suit, gray shoes, and gray bag. oh my gosh! do i really love gray that much? lol. Doing different make up from before, i want it's look simple chic glamorous and hair do. This time i can curly my hair fast, muahahahaha thanx for xiaxue's guide to life. When it's done i thought hubby will ask me to change my outfit, really afraid my jump suit look so shorty BUT i was wrong. He smile and whispering if im look so pretty and he wants im like this everyday lol, well look pretty checked. Let's go to movie!!

I know i know, it's like im late for watching this but who care! i enjoy it. And after this day i want watch harry potter and rapunzel which damn cute and funny movie *judging by the trailer*. After this gonna looking for chio dress and new shirt for hubby.

I found chio dress, it's super cute but not long enough i want it's touch my ankle sigh. And look hubby bust to take my pic, hehe. And oh i found shirt for hubby, i will upload it someday. I don't know why i choose that shirt, maybe because it's gray *again* but trust me he look so good wearing this shirt. I know everyone who wearing gray always look damn good, it's like magical color.

That's my outfit for today, chio isn't it? :p

The best part is.... we have lunch at hokben, you will never know how happy i am. This time we try mix setto, hmmm it's super oishii. I thought it'll not enough for fulling our tummy but i was wrong again, even hubby said he's full, see he mean it. Ah watching it makes me hungry...

Actually this my first time go to another side of ciwalk, if they didn't move mandiri's ATM from ATM center i will never go to his place. Ha! i forgot take some pictures at game area, it was fun we play racing card, shooting zombies and it's makes me like Aya Breya from parasite eve but the worst version. I found out hubby more genius at game than me! But not when he play catch gifts from big box, i really want that pinky bunny doll and i know he try his best for catch the bunny for me. AND IT'S FAILED!!!

My hair keep fall more and more in each day so finally i give a relaxation for my hair. Doing hair mask and ozoning. It's so fun when most peep know and greeting me, im their loyal customer anyway hehe. That guy who know my name but i don't know his name for 4 years tell me if i change a lot, more sexy than before  and he said just keep my body like this hahahaha see! hubby and my hair stylist tell the same thing SOOO people out there who keep say im fatty you all was wrong.

3 Love Letters:

  1. hai,,do u know what...i think your face looks like chikita meidi

  2. muahahahaha, really? i don't know bout that


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