Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Let's make if FUN!

Going bad, fuckin don't know why it's always happen. I always try to listening. I just want to learn how to sticky with all this things, hubby can we learn how to take and give? can you more nice to me? Did you learn something from "we got married" or it's just damn reality show for you? they produce it in purpose anyway.... *deeply sigh*

Okay cut the drama off, i don't wanna make it deeply and cry whole nite. Hmm let's see what can i do in 3 am like this? i can't watch "guide to life" my connection darn slow, already complete ameba pico, hmm what else? glancing to my camera.  Okay i get it, i know what to do. Do make up on, choose nice clothes, and pose. LOL it's always work when im feeling down.

 Howaaa, this one is really nice. Love it.
Because im look so cute in this pic, muahahahahaha

 Messy hair but still look nice. Mommy rite, i have nice hair if i try to love it :D

My current look, i should diet more la...
Well well, i take many pictures actually. But it's wisely if im not post all in my blog.

Hmmm 6.30 am already, hope today is much better than yesterday...


Muahahahahahah, what i said!! today really better than yesterday.

3 Love Letters:

  1. wow..doesnt cross in ur mind to become a model? xixixi..anyway have a nice day chan...:)

  2. model seriously? mana ada model yang gendut dan pendek bang. have a nice day juga ya :]

  3. gendut? ga juga ah...pendek? hmm..thats relative...hehehehe...


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