Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

happy happy happy

This week many things can make me happy. Little bit slimmy makes me happy. Winning a game, get netbook and gramedia's voucher also make me happy. I got these item from http://www.kidevo.com, it's umm we can say social networking for a kidz but it's involve teachers and parents so as you know this social network save for children. And also we can play RPG game, answer questions so you can be smart than before, more knowing Indonesian culture, and the best part is you can win many item like netbook, speedy's and gramedia's voucher, tea set. and you can be a president in this social network. Interesting rite?

A producer recommended me to a big production house to join the 4th sequel of Laskar Pelangi, Maryamah Karpov casting also make me very very happy muahahaha shocin rite? yeah so do i. Well i  think this kindly producer is the same producer who ask me to join raditya dika's project. She ask me to send CV specially my height, weight, clothing size, photo and such. Well she said in every her film always use at least 1 new entrant, but she and her partner not yet found a suitable female cast. So she would like i can take a part in this casting, fiuuwh i don't know am i suitable cos as someone who never have drama class but ever joining drama maybe i can act but if you say i must act in front of camera i think i can't act natural. And you know what you can't watch Ariel in this sequel, he was forced to be replaced you know it's about a bit hit splashes from his problem cases.

Oh my gosh i don't know why i having this teary eyes but my best friend LIA will get married really makes me so damn happy. We became BFF since our first grade at senior high, till now of course. She's kinda boy ~ish, don't know how to put make up on, be a tough girl in every situation, hard worker, she teach me how to play harvest moon, my skip class mate, and always sleep over in my room oh my i miss this moment so much. I remember one time we play jailangkung and we always asking who from the for of us will getting married first, and the ghost says lia. Hahahaha now it's really happen. I forgot the scheme but maybe Lia - Me - Estie - Deasy is the fortune telling ghost prediction will happen? let's see...

5 Love Letters:

  1. wow...
    sriusan diajak ikutan casting? sriusan?
    ya ampun, asik banget sih.

  2. ciyeee, asik dong ya

  3. Kenapa ga dicoba ka? kalo pun ga berhasil kan paling enggak bisa main FTV, kaka sepupu aku soalnya kaya gitu juga

  4. hahahaha, ko kaka spupu kamu mirip kaya kaka spupu aku ya? jangan-jangan kita sodara lagi.

    aku kayanya ga punya bakat acting deh, mohon dimaklumi...

  5. sebenernya aku adalah...... "rahasia ah". sriusan deh ka coba dulu, sapa tau aja lolos. kan ga ada salahnya


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