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The best hair fall Solution

Did you know if 100 hairs can fall a day?
well actually it can range from 50-100. GASP, oh my pity hair...
Uhm, actually i bit confuse here. I always put L'Oreal  smooth intense shampoo and conditioner, vitamin, and ginseng hair tonic and sometimes doing  instant hair spa at home but look my hair now!! It smooth but i can't control when it's start to fall down.


I know i should find this hair fall solution!
But if someday im failed, maybe i'll change my look.
Let's see the options :
Execute level:
I love to be a beautiful person, told me to shave off the hair of light..... Otherwise shaved head do not have shampoo, conditioner, haircut and so, one year do not know how much pull the pull can save it!!
Execute level:
Wearing a shower cap at home, my hair can't be spoiled out everywhere. While wearing a shower cap look ugly and not very comfortable, as well as red hoodie's grandma charter, but compared to the previous method, this method is actually not bad.
 Execute level:
This is called "self deceiving plus" method. We can dyed hair with the same floor color. No matter how much hair on the floor, no one could see it! 

Huff *holding breath with teary eyes* that's so terrible. I don't wanna have that look. But wait, i know what should i do now. The only way is just hurry come to CICI, my hair stylish and preparing with his lengthy lecture. Oh my oh my......

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  1. hahahaha..funny..its so funny :D gudlak with ur hair sis :)

  2. LOL, gambarnya lucu banget ih


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