Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Speedy lead my life to the hell

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!! I dont care if koko mad because im fucking too much, oops i mean i say fuck to much! i know he hates when i say dirty word, but please understand i will die if i dont say "FUCK!". I lost my internet connection from yesterday morning till today and i dont know for how many days i'll be like this. Losing 24/7 inet connection and should go to net cafe just for play ameba pico *and FYI i lose my chance to win special item. horrible* and write this post. So i hope you read it till end. 

I can't believe it! i want believe if they, the company who provide my internet connection with initial "T" already change. The better side, always care to customer, give their best to serve us. But.... they so suck! Dari kemaren complaint tetep aja customer carenya jutek, udah gitu pada sotoy tingkat tinggi. Kenapa mereka ga nyontoh prudential yang selalu mendengerkan apa kata customer, bukannya sotoy dan ngasi solusi yang ga mutu. Cih! disappointed....

The Stripes Goes Out!

   Wow crazy crazy excited to watch Harry Potter and Deathly Hallow! But i hate why nagini takes a lead in this part, damn! I hate snake, i hate reptiles! I can't imagine if i watch it on 3D, i swear i won't watch it anymore. My hands and food are sweat because i see too much snake. Damn! Damn! Damn! But i love that topless scene, hehehe it's make me forget about nagini. Woops. By the way i think Smeagol from Lord of the Rings and Kreacher from Harry Potter are related, hehehe

   Well, when i went to Ciwalk to watch Harry Potter i saw an event, "Lomba Tarian Negara Si Kecil"  lol it's so cute watching a group of kindergarten dancing and wearing chio costume. Umm these kidz performs Jaipong dance representing Indonesia, Ballet representing Europe, Bollywood, Japanese and Korean dance, and many more. I took some photos but need to hurry because the movie will play. So here they are :

Look at this girl *in that white cycle* 
i think she's look likes me when i was a kid, lol


scroll down
. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


Anyway, today hubby was taking my pic soooo much, i love it. 
I will show you how we spent the days and have fun together !

with sheriff Woddy and Jessie, *love this picture*

  this is hubby
remember one of my post when i said i was help hubby to choose a shirt for him?
this the shirt, what do you think?

love the angle but not my expression, look so dummy!

rest a bit, tired. we already walked too much

lol, i think i start to love this place

ha! this game super suck!! hubby never catch it for me

hahaha, look so tired
let's have fun in this box!!

we're not singing at all, it's just like pretend to singing, joking around
doing photoshot and enjoy the room full of aircon, lol.
we plan to steal some stuffs from karoke box, it can be aircon, tv, or the speakers

 see, doing this make us happy, lolz!
and now it's time to go home and drink wine, hmmm....

Cute Baby Bunny was Murder by a Sick Girl !

Seriously what the hell is wrong with these SICK GIRLS! 

What a cruel and ignorance girls!! do you think only your lives are valuable? SICK! Although every rabbit can be found at pet shop in a cheap price but does it means that the life of the rabbit is cheaper then yours?  why this girls torturing the bunnies, do you see that baby bunny who lied on the floor and more bunnies on the basket? i believe she will kill all of them. This is so sick i can't believe i watched it and the crunching sound makes me more crazy. I hope they get what they deserve, this will go unpunished. They are lucky that im not there at that time. If not i'll report them to the police.
There are kind people or sick people everywhere no matter where you go. So do these women in this video are, they obvious very sick, heartless, cruel beasts, no longer have the empathy, and moral standard. They need help and medical treatment.
Im glad my bunnies didn't watch this horror video.

happy happy happy

This week many things can make me happy. Little bit slimmy makes me happy. Winning a game, get netbook and gramedia's voucher also make me happy. I got these item from http://www.kidevo.com, it's umm we can say social networking for a kidz but it's involve teachers and parents so as you know this social network save for children. And also we can play RPG game, answer questions so you can be smart than before, more knowing Indonesian culture, and the best part is you can win many item like netbook, speedy's and gramedia's voucher, tea set. and you can be a president in this social network. Interesting rite?

A producer recommended me to a big production house to join the 4th sequel of Laskar Pelangi, Maryamah Karpov casting also make me very very happy muahahaha shocin rite? yeah so do i. Well i  think this kindly producer is the same producer who ask me to join raditya dika's project. She ask me to send CV specially my height, weight, clothing size, photo and such. Well she said in every her film always use at least 1 new entrant, but she and her partner not yet found a suitable female cast. So she would like i can take a part in this casting, fiuuwh i don't know am i suitable cos as someone who never have drama class but ever joining drama maybe i can act but if you say i must act in front of camera i think i can't act natural. And you know what you can't watch Ariel in this sequel, he was forced to be replaced you know it's about a bit hit splashes from his problem cases.

Oh my gosh i don't know why i having this teary eyes but my best friend LIA will get married really makes me so damn happy. We became BFF since our first grade at senior high, till now of course. She's kinda boy ~ish, don't know how to put make up on, be a tough girl in every situation, hard worker, she teach me how to play harvest moon, my skip class mate, and always sleep over in my room oh my i miss this moment so much. I remember one time we play jailangkung and we always asking who from the for of us will getting married first, and the ghost says lia. Hahahaha now it's really happen. I forgot the scheme but maybe Lia - Me - Estie - Deasy is the fortune telling ghost prediction will happen? let's see...

Magical Gray

Yey!! today my knee doesn't hurt at all, hubby ask me to watch megamind *finally! i hate when my knee hurts and i can't go anywhere i want*, i'll doing hair mask, and i don't know what will happen at ciwalk hmm busy busy busy!

It's start from my room. Im glad i can do mix and match super well, im wearing gray tee with jump suit, gray shoes, and gray bag. oh my gosh! do i really love gray that much? lol. Doing different make up from before, i want it's look simple chic glamorous and hair do. This time i can curly my hair fast, muahahahaha thanx for xiaxue's guide to life. When it's done i thought hubby will ask me to change my outfit, really afraid my jump suit look so shorty BUT i was wrong. He smile and whispering if im look so pretty and he wants im like this everyday lol, well look pretty checked. Let's go to movie!!

I know i know, it's like im late for watching this but who care! i enjoy it. And after this day i want watch harry potter and rapunzel which damn cute and funny movie *judging by the trailer*. After this gonna looking for chio dress and new shirt for hubby.

I found chio dress, it's super cute but not long enough i want it's touch my ankle sigh. And look hubby bust to take my pic, hehe. And oh i found shirt for hubby, i will upload it someday. I don't know why i choose that shirt, maybe because it's gray *again* but trust me he look so good wearing this shirt. I know everyone who wearing gray always look damn good, it's like magical color.

That's my outfit for today, chio isn't it? :p

The best part is.... we have lunch at hokben, you will never know how happy i am. This time we try mix setto, hmmm it's super oishii. I thought it'll not enough for fulling our tummy but i was wrong again, even hubby said he's full, see he mean it. Ah watching it makes me hungry...

Actually this my first time go to another side of ciwalk, if they didn't move mandiri's ATM from ATM center i will never go to his place. Ha! i forgot take some pictures at game area, it was fun we play racing card, shooting zombies and it's makes me like Aya Breya from parasite eve but the worst version. I found out hubby more genius at game than me! But not when he play catch gifts from big box, i really want that pinky bunny doll and i know he try his best for catch the bunny for me. AND IT'S FAILED!!!

My hair keep fall more and more in each day so finally i give a relaxation for my hair. Doing hair mask and ozoning. It's so fun when most peep know and greeting me, im their loyal customer anyway hehe. That guy who know my name but i don't know his name for 4 years tell me if i change a lot, more sexy than before  and he said just keep my body like this hahahaha see! hubby and my hair stylist tell the same thing SOOO people out there who keep say im fatty you all was wrong.

Let's make if FUN!

Going bad, fuckin don't know why it's always happen. I always try to listening. I just want to learn how to sticky with all this things, hubby can we learn how to take and give? can you more nice to me? Did you learn something from "we got married" or it's just damn reality show for you? they produce it in purpose anyway.... *deeply sigh*

Okay cut the drama off, i don't wanna make it deeply and cry whole nite. Hmm let's see what can i do in 3 am like this? i can't watch "guide to life" my connection darn slow, already complete ameba pico, hmm what else? glancing to my camera.  Okay i get it, i know what to do. Do make up on, choose nice clothes, and pose. LOL it's always work when im feeling down.

 Howaaa, this one is really nice. Love it.
Because im look so cute in this pic, muahahahahaha

 Messy hair but still look nice. Mommy rite, i have nice hair if i try to love it :D

My current look, i should diet more la...
Well well, i take many pictures actually. But it's wisely if im not post all in my blog.

Hmmm 6.30 am already, hope today is much better than yesterday...


Muahahahahahah, what i said!! today really better than yesterday.

White Dress

Oh my... Look this awesome dress
Im thinking to buy this dress acrually

What for?
Hmm nice question. It's for my pra wedding photo season.
Uhm, i mean someday i want wear this dress for my pra wedd

How to write a resignation letter

Setelah kemaren ngerti gimana bikin curriculum vitae in real life, sekarang pengen nyoba bikin resignation letter. I know im not working yet, but just in case you know. I think there's so many kind of resignation, triumphant, defeated, heavy-hearted, disappointed, respectful, hateful, so i decide to make the simple one but it's so effective.

Dear Boss,
I resign.

Thank you.
What the.... it's super short! i can't do formal, maybe friendlier and more polite… so i try.

Dear Boss,
You remember three months ago I express my intention to resign?
I hereby tender my resignation. 
This is the letter.

Thank you.
Err…maybe i can elaborate it, at least i can give a reason why i wont to work right?

Dear Boss,
You know why i want to resign?
Since i worked for you, i have no time to blog anymore. When i don't have time to blog anymore, my readers hate me. When my readers hate me, they don't visit my blog anymore. When they don't visit my blog, my hits drop. When my hits drop, i become unhappy. When i become unhappy, i will eat a lot. When i eat a lot, i will get fat. When i get fat, it will affect your company's image. When your company's image is affected, your business no good. When your business no good, you become unhappy. When you become unhappy, you eat a lot like me. When you eat a lot, i'm afraid you will become fat like me.

You see Boss, it's a vicious cycle. I did everything for your own good, because i care for you Boss.

So the conclusion is, i want to resign. Please let me go.

Your Faithfully.

If it's also fail, you can only do this

Your deadly employee

The best hair fall Solution

Did you know if 100 hairs can fall a day?
well actually it can range from 50-100. GASP, oh my pity hair...
Uhm, actually i bit confuse here. I always put L'Oreal  smooth intense shampoo and conditioner, vitamin, and ginseng hair tonic and sometimes doing  instant hair spa at home but look my hair now!! It smooth but i can't control when it's start to fall down.


I know i should find this hair fall solution!
But if someday im failed, maybe i'll change my look.
Let's see the options :
Execute level:
I love to be a beautiful person, told me to shave off the hair of light..... Otherwise shaved head do not have shampoo, conditioner, haircut and so, one year do not know how much pull the pull can save it!!
Execute level:
Wearing a shower cap at home, my hair can't be spoiled out everywhere. While wearing a shower cap look ugly and not very comfortable, as well as red hoodie's grandma charter, but compared to the previous method, this method is actually not bad.
 Execute level:
This is called "self deceiving plus" method. We can dyed hair with the same floor color. No matter how much hair on the floor, no one could see it! 

Huff *holding breath with teary eyes* that's so terrible. I don't wanna have that look. But wait, i know what should i do now. The only way is just hurry come to CICI, my hair stylish and preparing with his lengthy lecture. Oh my oh my......

You Are Melody Number