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Aaaagh, im fuckin pissed of with someone who bullying me on cyber. Keep asking me fuckin question, pretend if this fuckin man know me, telling me he got my private pictures  and wants to upload it at porn site LOL XD. I know i don't have it, but it's so annoying!!!

Well as you see im type of people who's spend a lot of time on instant messenger chatting and others social networking, have online friends whom i’ve never met in person, with whom i play games and exchange messages. I have live on the internet. And now what!!! bullying has followed ME.



I've found facts if this evil man is bullying me and you know what, he sooo stupid. Let me show you his stupidness :
Fact #1 : This man named Anonymous. He is guy. I know because he asking me "i have bf or not".
Fact #2 : He know my college and he said he knows me from my bf, in fact he just looking this info from my blog and my facebook.
Fact #3 : Sadly he didn't know if blogger now can track stats. With one click i'll who's come to my blog, traffic source, countries, browsers, and even operating system. And yeah, he ever visit my blog and you know what next.
Fact #4 : He said he want to go out with me, watch the movie or go to the park. Hello,  emang di Indonesia ada park yang oke buat jalan-jalan? Lo pikir water park.
Fact #5 : From fact #4 i can tell if he's not Indonesian.

Well if you've been a victim of cyberbullying, know someone who has been cyberbullied, or have even cyberbullied yourself, there are steps you and your friends can take to stop cyberbullying and stay cyber-safe.


How are peeps CYBERBULLIED?

Being a victim of cyberbullying can be a common and painful experience. Some youth who cyberbully :
  • Pretend they are other people online to trick others
  • Spread lies and rumors about victims
  • Trick people into revealing personal information
  • Send or forward mean text messages
  • Post pictures of victims without their consent
When peeps were asked why they think others cyberbully, mostly said that cyberbullies think it’s funny. Other peeps believe that youth who cyberbully :
  • Don’t think it’s a big deal
  • Don’t think about the consequences
  • Are encouraged by friends
  • Think everybody cyberbullies
  • Think they won’t get caught


How Do Victims React?

Contrary to what cyberbullies may believe, cyberbullying is a big deal, and can cause a variety of reactions in peeps. Some have reacted in positive ways to try to prevent cyberbullying by :
  • Blocking communication with the cyberbully
  • Deleting messages without reading them
  • Talking to a friend about the bullying
  • Reporting the problem to an internet service provider or website moderator
Many youth experience a variety of emotions when they are cyberbullied. Youth who are cyberbullied report feeling angry, hurt, embarrassed, or scared. These emotions can cause victims to react in ways such as
  • Seeking revenge on the bully
  • Avoiding friends and activities
  • Cyberbullying back
Some peeps feel threatened because they may not know who is cyberbullying them. Although cyberbullies may think they are anonymous, they can be found. If you are cyberbullied or harassed and need help, save all communication with the cyberbully and talk to friends you trust or even law enforcement officer.


Stay Cyber-safe

Remember that the internet is accessed by millions of people all over the world, not just your friends and family. While many Internet users are friendly, some may want to hurt you. Below are some ways to stay cyber-safe:
  • Never post or share your personal information online (this includes your full name, address, telephone number, school name, parents’ names, credit card number, or Social Security number) or your friends’ personal information.
  • Never share your Internet passwords with anyone, except your parents.
  • Never meet anyone face-to-face whom you only know online.
  • Talk to your parents about what you do online.
When you’re online, there are some important safety precautions you should always keep in mind:
  • Be smart about the content you share. Never share personal information like phone numbers, email addresses or home addresses on your page. If you make your account Protected, you can control who sees what you post.
  • Block and report users who break our Terms of Service, and tell an adult if you’re being targeted. Don’t respond to questions that are inappropriate or abusive.
  • Manage your Settings. Review and update your settings for anonymity and privacy.


If Someone Bullying on you

You are the best person to decide if you’re being harassed.
  • If you receive a question or  sent you  annoying message  and it's makes you uncomfortable, do not respond to the question.
  • Change your profile setting, private is better.
  • If you receive repeated message that violate these guidelines or find a content violation just report it.
  • Don't forget to tell someone you trust and block the user who sent you fuckin message so they can’t contact you again.

It’s important to remember that cyberbullies usually write to you to get a reaction. If they don’t get one, they usually give up. Rather than responding to a bully,  block them, and report them to resolve the issue safely. Please note that you should also contact the authorities if you ever feel threatened by something you see on the site.

hampir aja jadi famous blogger

I know, i know you will get shock or something but i already decide it. I got mail this evening, they wanna doing an interview tomorrow. yes, tomorrow at 2pm sharp. Im not scare or worry about the interview, and i know if kesempatan ga bakal datang berkali-kali. On the top of that i know it's fun having my  own money or being famous but i just realize if im not into it.

Sriusan ga bisa jadi penulis yang you know, terikat sama ketentuan-ketentuan gitu. Pastilah dalam kurun waktu berapa lama mesti masukin cerita, atau ga bikin crita dengan minimum xxx lembar. Sedangkan tau sendiri, bikin skrisi aja membutuhkan usaha extra buat ngerangkain kata-katanya. Gimana kalo disuruh bikin buku yang notabene gak pernah ngejadiin nulis adalah hobi ataupun kerjaan. Aku ngeblog bukan karna hobi nulis, tapi cuma pengen dan iseng doang. Hari gini ga ngeblogging?? Hello.... masa kalah sama anak SD :D

Kalaupun dipaksain buat ikutan interview dan mungkin ketrima, berarti aku mesti ngeluangin waktu  extra buat nulis, wew that's kinda hard. I have tight schedule, i must fully my need of sleep, nyelesain skripsi yang belom selesai-selesai, gaming, blogging, belom lagi pilates and belly dance. Fiuwh.... i think it's better if im focus with my "priority" now. Cepet-cepet lulus and being an exmud not a writer.

Im so sorry for Gagas Media, Raditya Dika, and people who supported me....

Sweet Couple

i've found very sweet couple set
ah, i want some

im kinda sticky with this cv thing

well, this my first time doing cv. the real one. so awkward. beda banget kaya tugas mata kuliah yang disuruh bikin curriculum vitae. kalo dulu bikin cv ya cuma bikin doang. cuma sekedar tau bentuk cv itu gimana. dan sekarang disaat im in the real world, bikin cv itu ga segampang yang pernah aku lakuin dulu.

jadi bingung gimana nulisnya, backgroundnya putih polos kaya orang biasa ngelamar kerja apa perlu diedit dikit buat nunjukin kalo aku punya sesuatu yang gak kaku dan ga biasa.

so, jadilah browsing nyari curriculum vitae dan hasilnya bener-bener bikin shocking. gimana enggak, ternyata cv orang-orang di luar sana tuh keren banget. contohnya aja curriculum vitae ini :
bandingkan dengan curriculum vitae yang ini :

Kambing Partner Contest

Masih inget sama "How famous blogger wanna be are you?"  yang pernah aku tulis dulu? well i think it's hapend to me. err almost. emmm i mean its hapend but it's need one step to be famous. hahaha, it's sounds so "iyuwh" with eyes rolled.

Dimulai dari seminggu yang lalu waktu raditya dika nawarin aku buat ikutan projectnya dia. ngebikin buku dari blogger yang menurut dia asik. Sebenernya sih ga percaya banget *ga percaya kalo dia beneran raditya dika dan ga percaya kalo seorang raditya dika ngebaca blog aku* kalo ditawarin sampe gitu banget. soalnya aku nulis cuma sekedar pengen nulis, tanpa pernah pengen jadi famous or something. err mungkin kata-kata famous emang ga tepat, tapi seenggaknya itu yang dipikirin beberapa orang.

Kaya biasa, pas dapet kabar ini jadi senyum-senyum ga jelas dan langsung nelfon ade aku, amel. Eh ga taunya orang diseberang telfon sana malah over excited dan nyeritain ini ke ayah dan bunda aku. ini reaksi mereka waktu tau blog aku bakal nongol di sebuah buku.

Amel : "hah sriusan? ya ampun.... raditya dika? ko bisa sih?" *dan ga berapa lama kemudian ngomongnya berubah jadi jutek banget* "ih kenapa sih idup kakak perfect!" *trus jadi over excited buat nyeritain ke orang-orang*
Ayah : "raditya dika itu siapa? raditya dika yang mana?
Amel : "itu lo yah, yang bikin buku marmut merah jambu yang sering dibaca itu"
Ayah : "oh.... trus kakak ike bakal dapet duit ga?" *entah kenapa mendadak serem ngedenger omongan ini*
Bunda : "jadi gimana? dibayar berapa? tanya yang jelas dong tar dibayar apa engga"

Oh no! kenapa mereka jadi bar-bar gini sih? padahal udah dijelasin kalo aku masih ga tau dia raditya dika asli apa bukan. soalnya masih berasa unbelievable aja kalo aku ditawarin sama bang dika. Dan sampe skarang pun unbelievable itu masih berasa, apalagi waktu dikasi tau kalo postingan yang aku kasi udah di rekomendasiin. kalo sampe beneran ketrima aku pasti masih berasa takjub sendiri deh. Gimana enggak, saingannya pada bagus banget sih. Dan aku yakin banget kalo mereka tu pasti kocak-kocak, beda banget sama aku >.<'' apalagi waktu tau ada yang punya tema "bulu ketek"

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