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How Famous Blogger Wanna Be, are you?

easy, people say yang kamu butuhin cuma dua hal :

become a famous + go blogging = became a famous blogger
go blogging + became a famous = became a famous blogger

When a person takes their first step into the blogoshpere, the first and foremost factor in their mind is fame, because it is something attainable if you have a blog. Not every one can be a film star. Not everyone can be a rock singer. Not everyone can be a lipsync star. But gladly everyone CAN be a Blogger. It’s the fast and easy track to fame. Then fortune. Maybe. All they need is a blog. A simple little blog and a book publisher friend. In a weeks you have you own book. And Famous.

But then i realize if became a famous blogger not only about have your own book, but you have something that amaze and can inspired everyone who read your blog. Recently, i met two famous blogger or maybe you can say a queen blogger from different country.

Firstly, i met Xiaxue from Singapore and then Chessie from Kuala Lumpur. Can you find out the similarity from their blogs?

Yup! the answer are theme and content. Look it's almost same. They talkin about fashion, style, and ofcourse posted their best pictures. umm satu lagi, mereka suka ngepromosiin suatu produk dengan style mereka sendiri and you know what akhirnya mereka beneran jadi bintang iklan dari produk itu. huwaaaa how lucky. Well if i want to be a famous blogger, should i change my theme and start to be a photoholic? oooooorrr  start to advertising something on my blog hmmmm....

Umm, FYI i just made  my own twitter background. whad do you think about it?

12 Love Letters:

  1. for me, blogging is a proccess not just a result..u need passion and motivation..find those two, and ull become happy blogger, no matter waht the result next..(wuih, sotoy nih:p)..for me, my imagination is someday my childrens and grandchildren will read my blog :), so they can know me well even when im gone :)

  2. hmmm kalo gitu bakal jadi famous blogger di family dong? tapi keren banget deh alesan ngeblognya.

  3. gimana ga famous? lha wong di family baru satu2nya nih yang ngeblog..hehehe (setau saya sih)

  4. aww, i checked their blog, and its awesome :) but the reason why i blog is never "TO BE FAMOUS", but it always struck my mind :) haha.

    yea, similar contents, FASHION is always the best topic to post when yer just an ordinary blogger :)

  5. i love their templates actually.
    it's totally awesome!!! just wonder how much money they spent for it...

    hehehe, yeah u rite sis. fashion is never ending topic ^o^

  6. Menurut aku blognya mbak anindy juga keren ko, pasti bakal jadi famous blogger juga. hehe...

  7. gimana kalo blog kamu ga usah pake chat box, biar ngeforcing yang dateng buat comment di postingan kamu. kalo ga salah yang kaya gini bisa naikin hits lo

  8. makasih infonya, sebenernya sempet pengen gitu juga. tapi kebanyakan jarang ada yang suka comment di blog sih. mereka lebih suka comment di chat box gitu. ga tau juga kenapa...

  9. membudayakan rate dan comment emang susah gan

  10. iya mereka lebih suka comment di chat box gitu. jarang banget comment di blog post nya. padahal yang kita mau kan comment dari hasil yang kita post :D

    btw kak, you have a nice blog layout >.<

  11. makasih ya safira ^o^

    iya nih bener banget, jarang banget ada yg mau comment post jangan2 waktu blog walking pada banyak yg langsung ngincer chat box, bukannya baca postingan


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