Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

Happy Ied Al Fitr 1431 H

well, so as you can see this post is about my eid, i captured a moment one nite before eid al fitr, halal bi halal  and open house things that goes on every year in my big family. so, here we goes....

one nite before eid al fitr, me and my sisters always playing fireworks.
it's so fun seeing and playing this.

* my little sister doing the axis man things *

and this one is ied al fitr day 2. we always do the open house and angpao.
all my big family comes, fiuwh you will shock if you know how many they are.

uhm i love the kimono that my mom gave me,
but why i feel like a geisha everytime i serve meal and drink?

 * me and the sisters *

* my big bro and i *

it's feels like i mad about something
and he piggy back me to show his sorry

the other day at rumah puncak

I know that i will make a lot of mistake and blunder along the journey of my life, so also when i manage this blog. Maybe my posting on this blog are less acceptable, offend or even hurt you guys. With sincere heart i say "minal aidin walfa izin, mohon maaf lahir batin"
Thank you for supporting me, i hope this blog can continue to exist and give more and more benefits to readers.

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