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Plan A : prepare the dress

When mommy said i'll spend my holiday at Singapore i thing she was kidding me. But a few days later i found if she tell me the truth. But there's something bother me. I go there only with my sister. Can you imagine it?? Go abroad for the first time without parents beside me?? I don't think it's good idea.

Actually it's super awesome holiday i think. Go abroad. Doing shopping at Singapore Great Sale. Stay at Hard Rock Hotel. Do photographs. Going to newest place. And many more. But if only i can go with my mommy and daddy it'll be more awesome. I mean, u don't buy something with your own money ^^

And 2 days ago my mom called me and she said if we will have special diner. I think it'll be exclusive place, because she add that "special" word. And after that we going to Hard Rock. Wew, this is firs time she allow me to go there. I mean we'll not only go Hard Rock but the Club. And she told me don't forget to bring my dress. But because this is my first time go to the Club, i don't know what dress should i wear. I have many choice here, can you pick which dress that fit to the club? Considering conversation between mom and Mrs. Ratu :

Mrs. Ratu : "Bu, anaknya kira-kira udah 17 taun belom ya?"
Mom : "Kalo anak saya yang pertama sih udah, emang kenapa ya bu?"
Mrs. Ratu : "Oh enggak. Cuma mau ngasi tau kalo entar bakal ada acara ke Club gitu"
Mom : "Nah itu dia masalahnya. Umurnya udah 17+ tapi kayanknya bakal ga ada yang percaya deh."
Mrs. Ratu : "Gampang itu mah, tinggal saya dandanin kaya tante-tante aja"
Me : *cuma bisa cengok doang* dan dalam hati ngomong gini "Hell NO!!!! im cute and it's okay"




2 Love Letters:

  1. wah...asik banget bisa jalan jalan ke singapore...errr....kalo gw mah masi dalem mimpi kali ye...heuheu...nabung nabung duluh... :D

  2. ni juga dadakan banget dikasi taunya. katanya sih lagi ada promo gede-gedean ^^


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