Sweet Moment Captured by My Pocket Camera

It's okay to be derpy, we can be derpy together ♡

   Instead of just dressing the part, act the part. We all want to look like a nerd but we don't want to apply ourselves like nerd would. It's not that hard to applying both dress and act ^^

Just think happy thoughts

Chocolate Forest

   Think happy thoughts, there's no use in thinking sad thoughts or worrying too much. Like, i'm going to eat this yummy ice cream and no one can stop me ヽ( ◕ ▽ ◕)ノ❀ You deserve to be happy.

   If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

   So please stop jumping to conclusions. You don't know what happens behind the lens, and you probably never will so stick with happy thoughts.

Only special people receive birthday messages from me. And you are that special one!

   Ya, beberapa tahun lalu kamu dilahirkan dengan segala harapan dan doa dari orang tua. Sesosok bayi mungil yang membawa banyak harapan bagi orang tua. Sesosok bayi mungil yang diharapkan dapat merubah dunia.

   Tak gampang memang tumbuh membawa harapan sebesar itu. Mungkin pundakmu akan lelah membawa semua harapan, seiring bertambahnya harapan di setiap umurmu yang baru.

   Harapan untuk menjadi yang lebih baik tentunya, harapan agar dapat membahagiakan orang tua, harapan untuk menjadi orang yang berguna, seperti doa-doa yang dipanjatkan orang tuamu setelah beribadah kepada-Nya.

   Di saat kau mulai lelah berhentilah sejenak, hirup nafas dalam-dalam, dan lanjutkan perjalanan. Perjalananmu masih panjang. Perjalanan membawa harapan, perjalanan mewujudkan harapan.

   Kelak, kau akan temukan seseorang yang akan mendampingimu mewujudkan harapan-harapan itu. Seseorang yang akan setia berdiri di sampingmu, membantu memikul beban harapan yang ada di pundakmu, meringankan setiap langkah perjalananmu. Bersabarlah, dan kau akan menemukannya!

   Bertambahlah dewasa, jadilah orang yang lebih baik, jangan kau sakiti orang-orang yang menyayangimu, bahagiakan mereka seperti mereka yang selalu berusaha membahagiakanmu.

   Waktu akan terus berjalan dan beban harapan akan semakin berat. Semoga semua dapat terwujud.

   Tetaplah berusaha menggapai semua yang kau ingin agar beban di pundakmu dapat berkurang sedikit demi sedikit, agar kau tak lelah dalam setiap pertambahan umurmu.

   Tetaplah menjadi dirimu yang baik, yang punya banyak teman, yang bisa menghibur teman-temannya, yang selalu ceria penuh canda dan tetaplah menjadi dirimu yang akan merenungi semua kesalahan yang dilakukan, meminta maaf atas semua kesalahan, serta berubah menjadi kamu yang lebih baik dari sebelumnya.

Maturity is when your world opens up and you realize that you are not the center of it

   As promised to koko, i posted how i spent my saturday night here, in my hometown. Lol, i swear jealousy boyfriend is cute, but when he goes too far he's not cute at all.

   Back to hometown, know if your ex boyfriend and two of my bestfriends will marry someone couple months from now. And the worst part is i'm gonna be forever alone in my hometown. I mean hang out together is not fun anymore when the fiances also came along.

   I feel so glad to know i still have some boy friends  here, hehe... Please don't make that look when you see me hang out with different friends. Boy friend is so much different with boyfriend. Since i only have few girl friends and maaaany boy friends, i think to become my boyfriend he should know the consequences ^^

   Honestly i don't wanna stuck at home all the weeks, so im happy when mippo asked me to hang out from mall to mall. And you know what find a place to break our fast in Samarinda is the hardest part. How come every food court, restaurant, cafe or whatever that things called are fully book!! Almost desperate till we saw le chef, a cafe near my junior high's school had a free spot.

   Nice outdoor view and meals, seriously im gonna visit this place again next time, you will experience the true of relaxing resto and cafe in town ^^. And oh since that day was a night of takbir, i was so excited to watched fireworks party. Soooo pretty, too bad i should go home when the party just started.

   Koko told me to snap pictures of me and mippo, so here it is ^^. Mippo is my senior high's friends since our first year. One of the popular one, lol what's so oh embarrassing moment >.<. We planned to hang out with my girls but too bad a jealousy boyfriend is scarred me.

One more shot, the close one. whoops did i make boyfriend jealous again? hahaha...

   Trust me la, he is the most trusty, mature and religious man from all my boys. He even thought me the meaning our life and the beauty of our religion. He said the reason of why god still let us breath until now is because we are still trusted to give a meaning for all the people around us, we  are born to complete. Well, there's a beauty of wisdom and experience that can't be faked. Impossible to be mature without having lived right?

Really miss every moment with senior high's friends ^^

   It seems i can recall what happened in Senior High. And after all this time, finally we got a chance to hang out together. Almost full team ^^

   Actually i feel like a bit trapped between past and real timeline. Everyone looks same, their face, habits, but when i look at them closely i think they are more mature and wisely than before. It's make me think they are moving so fast or i just walk so slow in this timeline.

   Even some already have new life and new "size". The things that doesn't change at all are everyone with their friendly smile, the guys with their stupidity and idiotic but super charming, the girls with gossiping habit. I ♡ all of them and i can tell they're my superb bestfriends ^^

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